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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekly Wire for December 5, 2012


The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!"

~ Charles N. Barnard, American author, travel writer.~

Christmas Tree Photo


Upcoming Events at a Glance

January 26-27   Nurturing Spirit Weekend – Calgary

March 1-3   Nurturing Spirit Weekend - Samish Island

April 24-28   Fine Arts Retreat Samish Island

Apr 29-May 3   Samish Island Work Week


Goodbye Dan

I would like to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone who has supported me over the past six years in my roles with the Canada West Mission. I am looking forward to my new venture, and increased time at home with my family. I pray God's deepest blessings on all of us as we strive to build the Beloved Community God desires for us.

Dan Woynarski

Dan Website


What’s Up … in Vancouver

Baby Blessing!


On Sunday November 18th, Baby Jackson Lee was blessed by High Priest Jim Hodgson.

Jim was assisted by Rosilyn Coulson Teng.  Jackson’s proud parents Sky and Ryan Lee are pictured below with baby Jackson.



What’s Up …. In Prince Albert


photo (3)

The picture attached shows our Prince Albert ladies, and a friend holding up some of the quilts they've made to send to the homeless shelter in Prince Albert. The ladies have done 6 so far, and their goal is 10 before Christmas. Some of the adult guiders in the city have joined in with our group and have been working side by side with us.


What’s Up … In Ribstone

Ribstone Community of Christ hosted their second annual Trunk 'n' Treat recently. The children who attended were treated to watching a puppet show called "God is My Superhero," viewing a video on the same theme starring Clive and Ian and their Wonderblimp of Knowledge, gathering treats from decorated trunks, a hearty lunch and several door prizes. The children also took part in a parade of costumes across the stage. Costumes worn by the children and several of the attending parents ranged from princesses to superheroes to Thomas the Train to Cruella de Vil and many more. The decorated trunk themes included: a rainbow with a pot of gold, the Lion King, a miner, a pumpkin patch, an oil worker, tropical, a veterinarian, a wedding chapel and more. Though the weather was cold and snowy, there were over 80 people in attendance. 

Joanne Susan Pumpkins

Joanne Goulet and Susan Wirth’s trunk – pumpkin patch

Kim TropicalJosie Miner

Kim Selte’s trunk – tropical                               Josie Buck’s trunk – miner


Trunk n Treat Herald

Group picture with the children


Nurturing Spirit in Calgary



Community of Christ, 6415 Ranchview Dr. NW, Calgary

Guest Teacher/Minister: Vickie MacArthur has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for the past 15 years and sees yoga as a spiritual path healing body, mind and spirit. (

Take time out to nurture body, mind and spirit through the time‐honored practices of yoga and meditation. Learn gentle stretches and breathing practices to release tension and discomfort in the body as well as prayer and meditation to calm and focus the mind.

Connect to that place of peace and stillness where God lives and breathes in you. It is from this deep wellspring of stillness and joy, that we can live life more abundantly and learn to love others more deeply.

Mark your calendar for the weekend of January 26-27, 2013 and join us in Calgary. Watch for further details regarding the schedule, registration and fee.

Whether you are brand new to these practices or have some experience, we look forward sharing the weekend with you!!



Samish Island Special Need

Samish Island Campground Fundraising Letter from

Glen Fishel, Samish Island Campground Association President and
Kathy Sharp, GPNW Mission Center President and Samish Island Campground Board


Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


2013 Camping/Event Calendar

January 26-27 Nurturing Spirit Weekend - Calgary

March 1-3 Nurturing Spirit Weekend - Samish Island

April 24-28 Fine Arts Retreat Samish Island

Apr 29-May 3 Samish Island Work Week

May 4-5 Ribstone Enrichment Weekend

May 12-13 Hills of Peace Camp Opening

May 24-26 Arts on the Lake Hills of Peace

May 31-June 2 Camp Genesis (8-9 yrs) Samish Island

May 31-June 2 Adult Spiritual Retreat Hills of Peace

June 7-9 College Age Young Adult Retreat Hills of Peace

Jun-08 Samish Island Work Day

June 8-14 Adult Reunion Samish Island

July 1-7 Canada West Youth Camp

June 30-July 6 Camp Mungai (10-11 yrs) Samish Island

July 6-12 Family Reunion Hills of Peace

July 14-18 Junior Camp (8-11 yrs) Hills of Peace

July 13-20 Family Reunion Samish Island

July 20-27 Spectacular Graceland University

July 22-28 Camp Planning Retreat - Hills of Peace

July 21-27 Camp Kluane (girls 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

July 28-Aug 3 Camp Chimacum (boys 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

August 9-11 Young Family Weekend Hills of Peace

August 4-10 Camp Kimtah (15-18 yrs) Samish Island

August 11-17 Singles’ Reunion Samish Island

Aug 30-Sept 1 Canada West Mission Conference Edmonton AB

September 27-29 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

September 27-29 Singles’ Retreat Samish Island

October 4-6 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island


20 Days until Christmas!


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