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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Weekly Wire for December 26, 2012

Happy Boxing Day!

You may think Boxing Day is a great day for shopping.  A day to get all the deals you couldn't find before Christmas or to spend your Christmas money, but do you know the origins of Boxing Day?

Boxing Day dates back to the Middle Ages in England. Servants and tradesmen had to work for the wealthy people on Christmas day, so they were given the following day, Boxing Day to visit their families. The employers would give each servant a box to take home containing gifts and bonuses, and sometimes leftover food. Boxes would be left on the front stoop for tradesmen.

Is there someone who has worked for you this year that you'd like to thank today? It doesn't have to be money, gifts or leftover food - mind you Christmas baking is always appreciated. Something as simple as a card and a thank you, or note of appreciation goes a long way.

I hope you've had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day too! 


Upcoming Events at a Glance

January 18-20 Theology Jam Vancouver

February 15-17 Nurturing Spirit Weekend Calgary

March 1-3 Nurturing Spirit Weekend Samish Island

April 24-28 Fine Arts Retreat Samish Island

Apr 29-May 3 Samish Island Work Week


Remember to order your new Hymnal

Community of Christ Sings

Community of Christ Sings (2013 Hymnal)

order by April 30 for the discounted price of 19.55 US, Regular 23.00


What’s Up…In the CWM Christmas in Review

Remember to assign someone in your congregation to take photos and write about your Christmas activities for our Christmas in review newsletter in January! Please send to Debra by January 7th.


Theology Jam in Vancouver!



Nurturing Spirit Weekend at Samish Island



Job Posting for Canada West Mission

Canada West is hiring a full time Congregational Outreach Program Specialist for a four year contract. The position will be located in British Columbia and ministering with the four BC Congregations - Victoria, Vancouver, Meadow Ridge and Chilliwack. A Congregational Outreach Program Specialist is one who provides support to pastors and congregational leadership teams to empower congregational outreach programming. They assist congregations in establishing and reaching goals aligned with the Mission Initiatives. They also focus on outreach ministry in response to specific needs of the wider mission. The goal of this position is to assist in planning 2 events per year per BC congregation. This position will also include a focus on youth ministry in these four congregations.

The ideal applicant will possess the following skills:

Approachability, Communication, Witnessing and Invitation, Managing Diversity, Integrity and Trust, Listening, Motivating Others, Organizing, Priority Setting, Building Effective Teams, Managing Vision and Purpose, Witness and Invitation, Work/Life Balance, Scriptural/Theological Knowledge, Sense of Humor and Developing Others.

Applications will be accepted until January 6, 2013 with the position commencing February 1,2013  or sooner dependent on the applicant's availability.

For more information, please see the full Position Description.

Applications should be sent to:

Greg Goheen, Canada West Mission President

Re: Congregational Outreach Program Specialist

Box 88, Edgerton AB, T0B 1K0, or emailed to


Samish Island Special Need

Samish Island Campground Fundraising Letter from

Glen Fishel, Samish Island Campground Association President and
Kathy Sharp, GPNW Mission Center President and Samish Island Campground Board



Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


2013 Camping/Event Calendar

January 18-20 Theology Jam Vancouver

February 15-17 Nurturing Spirit Weekend Calgary

March 1-3 Nurturing Spirit Weekend Samish Island

April 24-28 Fine Arts Retreat Samish Island

Apr 29-May 3 Samish Island Work Week

May 4-5 Ribstone Enrichment Weekend

May 12-13 Hills of Peace Camp Opening

May 24-26 Arts on the Lake Hills of Peace

May 31-June 2 Camp Genesis (8-9 yrs) Samish Island

May 31-June 2 Adult Spiritual Retreat Hills of Peace

June 7-9 College Age Young Adult Retreat Hills of Peace

Jun-08 Samish Island Work Day

June 8-14 Adult Reunion Samish Island

July 1-7 Canada West Youth Camp

June 30-July 6 Camp Mungai (10-11 yrs) Samish Island

July 6-12 Family Reunion Hills of Peace

July 14-18 Junior Camp (8-11 yrs) Hills of Peace

July 13-20 Family Reunion Samish Island

July 20-27 Spectacular Graceland University

July 22-28 Camp Planning Retreat - Hills of Peace

July 21-27 Camp Kluane (girls 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

July 28-Aug 3 Camp Chimacum (boys 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

August 9-11 Young Family Weekend Hills of Peace

August 4-10 Camp Kimtah (15-18 yrs) Samish Island

August 11-17 Singles’ Reunion Samish Island

Aug 30-Sept 1 Canada West Mission Conference Edmonton AB

September 27-29 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

September 27-29 Singles’ Retreat Samish Island

October 4-6 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island


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