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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome to the CWM Weekly Announcement Blog

This blog will be used to replace the current weekly email newsletter sent by Sandy from the CWM offices.

You can receive this information in one of three ways - choose whichever way is most convenient for you:
  1. Regularly use your web browser and come to the CWM Weekly Announcements page under the "Canada West Mission" tab.
  2. If you use an RSS-reader, such as Google Reader, you can use the RSS feed on the CWM Weekly Announcements page. [If you haven't a clue what that means - it won't apply to you!]
  3. You can subscribe to receive the weekly announcements in your email. This is similar to what happens now, and is what most people should choose. You can go to the CWM Weekly Announcements page on the website, and enter your email address in the subscription box at the top. NOTE: before you can be added, you will receive a subscription confirmation email and you must click on the link in that email to confirm that you want to receive the weekly post. If you don't see the email in your Inbox, look in your spam/junk mail folder.

    Also note that if you change your email address, it is your responsibility to go and sign up again with the new email address!

There are several important benefits to this new approach, including:
  • By self-registering to receive the email posts, that means nobody at the CWM office has to constantly maintain and update email addresses.
  • You can receive the information in several different ways.
  • The mission centre email domain was continually being "blacklisted" by Hotmail, Yahoo and others, because it looked like we were sending spam emails. This means a lot of extra (and unproductive) work by someone in the mission centre office.