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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Contest and CWM Mission Announcements!



veazey-steve Church President Steve Veazey will be preaching at the Vancouver congregation of the Community of Christ on August 1.  Please plan to attend church in Vancouver this weekend if you are available.  
The church will be open at 9:30 for coffee and social time.

There will be a service of meditative singing in the Taize style before the service at 10:00 in the sanctuary. Please feel welcome to come and participate by singing or by simply enjoying the music.  Communion service will start at 10:45 and a luncheon will follow immediately after the service.

President Veazey will meet with area Young Adults (approximately 18-35 years old) at 4pm in Chris Phelps home.  If you wish to attend, please email Chris Phelps at

This Summer just got better…..

Three Community of Christ Summer Contests – Three Ways to win!

Contest #1

Sign up for the CWM announcements. That’s it. Anyone who receives the CWM Announcements will be entered into a draw for a pair of Blue C of C Coffee Mugs. If you’re already on the list, you’re already entered to win!

Blue Coffee Mug Blue Coffee Mug

Contest #2

Find the hidden clues in the CWM Announcements. Each week we’ll hide a different clue in the announcements. Put the clues together to figure out the mystery phrase and submit your answer. All winning answers received by August 28th will be entered into a draw for the coveted C of C stainless steel water bottle! *** clue solving tip – the letters may or may not go together!

S V G 

Stainless Steel Water bottle

Contest #3

Re-name the CWM Announcements. We’re looking for something new, creative, fresh and exciting. Our panel of judges will select the winner. Not only will the winning submission become the new name of the CWM Announcements, but you’ll also receive the fabulous C of C Campfire blanket in its own travel case!

Campfire Blanket

Go to the website and click on the box to see the video of the Summer Contest.


Reunion’s were fantastic this year!  Here are a few snapshots.  We’d love to hear what you thought of your Reunion, so please send me, your best 2 or 3 high resolution photos and a short comment on your experience.

Hills of Peace

IMG_1359a IMG_1460 IMG_1587aIMG_1489a  IMG_1594 IMG_1692a IMG_1771a IMG_1780a IMG_1810a

Samish Island

Reunion 2010 013 Reunion 2010 014 Reunion 2010 036 Reunion 2010 038  Reunion 2010 054 Reunion 2010 060 Reunion 2010 065 Reunion 2010 066 Reunion 2010 043

Jul 21, 2010 – Click below to see a new life event

World Church Leadership Council and Standing High Council to Meet in September

The World Church Leadership Council (general officers, presidents of World Church quorums, and directors) and the Standing High Council will meet in retreat September 18–19, 2010. The retreat’s purpose is to discuss the 1982 Standing High Council statement on “Homosexuality” and the 2002 World Church Leadership Council statement on “Community, Common Consent, and Homosexuality.”

This discussion is in response to confusion in some areas about which parts of the statements are official policy and which parts describe perspectives on homosexuality when the statements were written. In response to requests for clarification, the groups will work together to provide helpful information to the church as discussions about same-gender and sexual-orientation issues continue and plans are made for national or field conferences.

The Presidency invites members and friends to remember the World Church Leadership Council and the Standing High Council in your prayers as these leadership groups discuss extremely complex issues in the church’s life.

As a reminder, all church administrative policies prohibiting priesthood from performing same-gender/sex marriages and prohibiting the ordination of non-celibate homosexual people remain in place during this time of discussion and study.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Video Teaser for July 27, 2010

To see this week’s video, go to the website…if you’re already there, click on the box above. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Contest Video Teaser for July 20, 2010

To view this week’s video teaser, click on the link above and go to the website. If you’re already there, click on the box below!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Week! On your Canada West Mission Announcements


I’m not sure what happened to the Video Teaser this week…it appears to have been lost in Cyberspace!


Reunion 2008 037 Reunion 2009 016

I’m away next week at Samish Island Reunion so if you send me any announcements they’ll be included the following week. 

IF you are attending Reunion this year, please take a moment now to print and fill out this form with medical release, liability and photo release and bring it with you to Reunion.  This information is required - and by filling it out now we won’t take up your time at registration on Saturday so you can get started on the fun sooner!


Top Ten Reasons to go to Reunion at Samish Island this year! 

You have to go to the website to see the video!   Click on the link above, then once you’re on the website click on the box. 

Please note Fred Robbins new email address

A new life event is posted on the website.

Kimtah 7

Upcoming camps:

  • Camp Kluane at Samish Island Campground is Jul 25-31, 2010
  • Camp Chimacum at Samish Island Campground is Aug 1-7, 2010
  • Camp Kimtah at Samish Island Campground is Aug 8-14, 2010

    World Accord Job OpeningWorld Accord logo

    We are looking for an experienced fundraising Special Events Coordinator.  
    World Accord is a Waterloo-based charity and International Development Agency.  We are offering the opportunity for the right person to contribute to making a difference in the lives of people working to move out of extreme poverty in other parts of the world.

    The Special Events Coordinator will be responsible to:
    1.    obtain corporate partners to sponsor our events,
    2.    plan and coordinate fundraising events that are portable and can be held in key cities across   Canada,
    3.    coordinate volunteer efforts for events, and
    4.    secure local media coverage and involvement.  

    Additionally the Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for keeping our website and social media current, fluid and compelling.
    The Special Events Coordinator will be based in Waterloo but will be expected to travel in Ontario and across Canada to support events as necessary. In addition the Special Events Coordinator will make occasional international trips to visit our project partners and learn about our international development activities.

    The successful candidate will have exceptional communication and presentation skills, a solid commitment to making the world a better place, and strong planning and organizing abilities.
    Language skills in Spanish and/or French and multimedia production experience would be an asset as would abilities in document graphical layout for posters and flyers etc.  

    This will be a contract position for 1 year with a successful evaluation leading to a permanent position.  We are looking for someone to start this fall. The salary range for this position will be $33,900 to $45,300 depending on skills and experience of the successful candidate. For more information on World Accord, visit our website 

    Deadline for submissions is July 19.  Please email your cover letter and resume to

  • Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Video Teaser for July 13, 2010

    To see this week’s video, go to the website…if you’re already there, click on the box below. 

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    This Week! On your Canada West Mission Announcements


    Hills of Peace Golfers!


    Attention golfers or would be golfers! For those attendees who are interested in a fun golf tournament, please bring your golf clubs.  Just gussy it up as you see the need.






     HillsOfPeace Our annual meeting for HOP will be on the Sunday of HOP reunion. The agenda will include:

    -Information/question & answer session

    - Updated financials

    -Updated capital plan

    -Election of board members - effective September 2010 -

    -Bob/Dan - 4 years

    -Mike Mitchell - 4 years

    -Marilyn Smith - 4 years

    -Barry/Cheryl - 2 years


    Top Ten Reasons to go to Reunion at Samish Island this year! 

    You have to go to the website to see the video!   Click on the link above, then once you’re on the website click on the box. 

    Please note Fred Robbins new email address

     Reunion 2008 014 Reunion 2008 A 101

    Church President Steve Veazey will be preaching at the Vancouver congregation of the Community of Christ on August 1.  Please plan to attend church in Vancouver that weekend if you are available.  
    The church will be open at 9:30 for coffee and social time, and the service will start at 10:45.  A luncheon will follow immediately after the service.
    Later in the day, President Veazey would like to meet with area Young Adults (approximately 18-35 years old).  Details of this gathering will be clarified soon, but if you wish to attend, please let me know and I will be certain to keep you informed about plans.
    My email address is

    Chris Phelps
    Pastor – Vancouver Community of Christ




    President Veazey reflects on Conference and Section 164, a video interview.  Click HERE to see it.






    Dear Friends,

    Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Saints, Places of Peace: Rusrussia-ukraine2defaultsia to Ukraine, a designated giving initiative, is providing sacred spaces for worship and social ministry while helping people experience the peace of Jesus Christ in three cities in Russia (Novosibirsk, Moscow, and Voronezh) and two in Ukraine (Odessa and Kiev). Your generous gifts totaled more than $388,420.  THANK YOU!!

    Follow this link to read all about it and see slides Russia to  Ukraine


    Sandra J. Ferguson, CFRE

    Community of Christ

    Funding for Mission Specialist





    July 2010
    Keeping the Church Connected

    On June 6, the World Church Finance Board approved a $23.45 million budget for fiscal year 2011, $1.28 million less than last year’s budget. This decrease was necessary because of the depressed global economy. It has caused the anticipated development of the church’s real estate assets to be delayed significantly and securities portfolio returns to fall considerably.
    The budget decrease was achieved without staff reductions. However, unless the decades-long decline in World Ministries Mission Tithes is reversed, anticipated budget decreases in the future will require minister and staff reductions, as well as decreases in educational and missionary resources.

    For more details, see the Herald, pages 8–9 in July, followed by in-depth World Church Finance Board coverage in August. To contribute online, visit  
    Contribution Update

    Exploring Section 164: Small-group Discussion Guide helps groups and individuals more fully understand the newest section of the Doctrine and Covenants. Questions provide for three separate discussions.

    • Topic 1—Baptism, Confirmation, the Lord’s Supper (164:1–4)
    • Topic 2—Moral Behavior and Relationships (164:5–6)
    • Topic 3—Closing Words of Challenge and Promise (164:9)

    Explore the newest Community of Christ scripture and continue to discern how God’s Spirit is leading us forward. The discussion guide is linked from

    Continuing exploration of Doctrine and Covenants 164 will be offered through a Herald series that begins this month with an overview by Presiding Evangelist David Brock. To have these articles delivered free to your e-mail, subscribe to the series at To subscribe to the Herald ($32) or e-Herald ($20), visit or call 1-800-767-8181.

    Live your discipleship at Community of Christ Historic Sites. There is a critical need for long-term volunteers at Community of Christ Historic Sites. If your life circumstances allow you to serve for a period of one year or more, please contact Lachlan Mackay:, (217) 453-2246. Housing, utilities, and training will be provided.

    The Community of Christ Hymnal Project announces an international contest for English-language hymn writers. We have identified a tune in the church that needs new text: hymn 424 in Hymns of the Saints, "Send Me Forth, O Blessed Master," by author and composer Elisha A. Hoffman (1839–1929). Please see detailed Conceptual Guidelines at Entrants should include an anonymous copy of each hymn-text entry with a cover letter that has your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and title of your entry or entries.
    Submissions will be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt. The deadline is November 10. The author may retain the copyright for the winning hymn, but agrees to allow the use of this hymn text by Community of Christ in perpetuity and for possible inclusion in the next hymnal, scheduled for release in 2013. Send entries and correspondence to or mail them to: Hymn Contest, c/o Lauren Hall, at International Headquarters.

    Register for Peace Colloquy at Learn more about the Community of Christ International Peace Award and this year’s recipient, Greg Mortenson. Come to the International Peace Award ceremony, which will open the colloquy on October 29, or join the ceremony via live webcast. Check the website for more information about keynote addresses, workshops, prayer retreat, art show, youth retreat, and children’s program.

    Join us for the marvelous adventure of "where in the world" your Mission Tithes impact lives… July generosity stories feature Apostle Susan Skoor’s Canada and Pacific Mission Field and Apostle Scott Murphy’s Western USA Mission Field. PowerPoint presentations are included with each week’s story except July 11. If you do not receive the monthly stories, check with your mission center financial officer or find them at

    Health Ministries Association offers healthcare information nearly every month that can be used as a bulletin insert or a great discussion starter for Christian education classes, small group meetings, or health ministries teams. This month’s insert is part of a series on Congregational Health Ministry entitled, "Advance Directives". Visit to download and print inserts for your congregation.

    Ready for the adventure of your life? Learn more about World Service Corps, current volunteer opportunities, and apply online at

    Subscribe to the Herald or e-Herald. Subscriptions are $32 for the print publication ($34.43 for Missouri residents, includes sales tax; US$39 for Canada residents) and $20 for the e-Herald. Subscribe online at (print) or (electronic). For subscriptions outside the United States: e-mail or call 011-816-521-3015 or 1-800-373-8382 in Canada. If you receive a subscription through the Herald-in-Every-Home program, express your personal commitment to the congregation by making a donation to your local budget.

    Restoration Studies invites submissions. Restoration Studies has been published by the church on an occasional basis since 1980. For the last two years (volumes X and XI) it has been published annually by the John Whitmer Historical Association under special arrangement with the church. This publication includes articles on theology and culture in the church and the broader Latter Day Saint movement.
    Although most articles are scholarly, research-based works, papers of a more reflective, testimonial nature are also included. Request specification information (length, format, etc.) and submit articles to the editor, Peter Judd, at by August 1 for the 2011 issue. Restoration Studies promotes the free expression of carefully considered points of view on matters related to Community of Christ and the broader tradition of which it is a part.

    Please share the following information with those serving in a capacity to share information about resources and coordinate group orders through Herald House. Remind your congregation they can always shop Herald House online at

    Memoirs of President Joseph Smith III – His influence and leadership remain evident in our faith movement today. His memoirs originally were printed as a serial in nearly every issue of the Saints Herald from November 1934 to July 1937. They are gathered here into a single volume of reproduced Herald pages with a new introduction by Richard Howard, Community of Christ historian emeritus. 9780830914920 $29.95

    It’s T-Shirt Time!

    • We Share – Featuring the four-block print with "We Share" in 10 languages on the front. Community of Christ nameplate is across the back. Sizes: S–3XL. $15.95
    • Cross and Spiral – The Cross and Spiral is displayed on the left pocket area. Community of Christ nameplate is across the back. Sizes: adult S–3XL; child XS–L. Colors: red or tan. $14.95

    Upcoming Events

    July 5: International Headquarters offices closed—Independence Day USA
    July 24-31: SPECTACULAR
    August 1-6: Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies classes (MEADS)
    August 20-22: YMCA Blue Ridge Mountains Vision Project
    September 5: World Hunger Emphasis
    September 6: International Headquarters offices closed—Labor Day (USA)
    September 19: Heritage Day
    September 20-23: Expanded World Church Leadership Council
    September 27-30: World Church Leaders Meeting

    Daily Prayer for Peace—A brief worship service is held daily at 1:00 p.m. central time at the Temple. Join in prayer from wherever you are. For details and the text of each day’s prayer, visit

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Video Teaser for July 6, 2010

    To see this week’s video, go to the website…if you’re already there, click on the box below.  Please note the arrow is now at the bottom of the box.