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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urgent new exciting information…please read!


It was suggested to me that I change the title of the announcements because I was told “Oh, I always delete those emails!”  Hopefully that’s not the case with everyone, but I thought I’d try the ‘urgent’ heading anyway.  Hope you enjoy this weeks announcements!


Debra CWM photo

Invitations have gone out to 209 members between 18-35 years of age for the Vision Project Young Adult Retreat at Hills of Peace June 11-13 with President Veazey as Guest Minister. Please encourage participation in this wonderful opportunity to sit down with President Veazey. We also require some mature childcare workers for the event. They must be registered youth workers and able to keep up to small children whose top speed can exceed 100 km. Please contact Dan Woynarski at .

Canada West Mission urgently requires staff for the youth camps at Hills of Peace. Please contact Dan Woynarski ASAP at or (306) 352-1570. If you would like to volunteer for the Samish Island Youth Camps please contact Kathy Sharp .

 Samish Island HillsOfPeace  kids ready for camping season

“World Conference”

April 10-17, church members from around the world gathered for World Conference at the Community of Christ international headquarters in Independence, Missouri. The week was filled with worships, business sessions, spiritual practices and discernment, world village activities, and the joy of new and old friends coming together.

We Shared . . . Shalom!

View daily updates, photo galleries, official minutes, and video archives.

Links to the above are found on the World Church Home Page

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video Teaser for April 27, 2010

To view the Video Teaser of what’s coming up this week in your Canada West Mission Announcements  from an email, go to the Weekly Announcements page.  If you’re already on the website, simply click on the box below!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Audio Visual Technical Difficulties


Hi Folks,

Okay so last week the webmaster said to blame him because you couldn’t play the Teaser from your email, but since he’s out of town right now…I guess this week is all mine!

To view the Teaser, click on the words ‘Audio Visual Technical Difficulties’ and once you’ve arrived at the website, scroll down and click on the purple box.

I expected some growing pains with trying to do new things so I thank you for your patience.  Please send me your announcements along with high quality pictures and I’ll do my best to include them in the Teaser too. I would love to have activities or stories sent in by our youth as well.

Thanks again,

Debra Donohue

Administrative Assistant

Canada West Mission

toll free 1-877-411-2632

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Week on your Canada West Mission Announcements!


Check out this week’s Teaser here

This is the last shout out to everyone who has wanted, dreamed or hoped to attend the     Fine Arts Retreat at Samish Island this coming weekend. Contact Chris Phelps at  to register.

May Long Weekend Work Camp at Hills of Peace. Bill Levitt is looking for as many skilled or unskilled but willing to work people as possible. Contact Bill at  if you are able to help out.

Samish Island Work Week takes place May 3rd-7th with additional work days May 8th and June 12th. Please contact Lee Scofield at  if you’ll be there so he can arrange for food and accommodations.

Jim Doty is generously sharing his photos from Conference with all of us. Please feel free to take a peek!

A New life event is posted on the News Page.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Week on your Canada West Mission Announcements!


Introducing your new audio visual teaser of what’s in this week’s announcements!  Simply click on the arrow

The Fine Arts Retreat at beautiful Samish Island takes place April 23rd to 25th. Click here for more details.Samish Island

 Here are some photos from the Nurturing Spirit Workshop in Vancouver last month.

An 11-month internship in Washington, D.C., is available because of a partnership between Community of Christ World Service Corps, Outreach International, and the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Explore lobbying, advocacy, and grassroots organizing on a variety of peace and justice issues. Applications will be accepted until April 23. The internship will begin in the fall. For more information, contact current intern Stephen Donahoe at Go to to download the application.

The Enduring Principles commentary series concludes in the April issue of the Herald with "Blessings of Community" by Barbara Howard. Find the entire series at for ongoing study and reference.

A Camp Helps online library is at Find more than a dozen youth camp planning resources, plus links to necessary risk management forms and related websites.

Ideas in honor of Earth Day, April 22, are on the Earth Stewardship website. The Earth Stewardship Team’s earth steward checklist is a fun and friendly collection of ideas you can use to live your life in a more earth-friendly manner. Go to for ideas.

"Sharing in Community of Christ" is the 2010 reunion theme. Find free downloadable reunion resources at, including: Worship Helps, Adult Facilitator Guide with PowerPoint presentation, Children’s Resources, and Youth Resources. Check the online reunion schedule at to find a reunion and plan to attend.

Join us for the marvelous adventure of "Where in the World" your Mission Tithes impact lives… April generosity stories feature Apostle Rick Maupin’s Caribbean, Mexico, and South Central States Mission Field. PowerPoint presentations are included with each week’s story except April 11. If you do not receive the monthly stories, find them at or ask your mission center financial officer.

Historic Sites Internships Summer 2010 positions are available at the Kirtland Temple in Kirtland, Ohio and the Joseph Smith Historic Site in Nauvoo, Illinois. Compensation includes six semester hours of credit from Graceland University and a weekly stipend. Onsite housing provided. Applicants from diverse fields of study are welcome. Contact Lachlan Mackay at or (217) 453-2246.

World Conference Blog updates…

Mary Jean Belrose has offered to share her Calgary Congregation Blog with the rest of the Canada West Mission while she attends World Conference.  If you'd like to keep up-to-date with the events at World Conference go to the News Page for the link.

World Conference Updates…

Please share this with friends and members in your congregation via the "Forward to a Friend" link at the bottom of this email:
2010 World Conference Begins!
The opening ceremony of the Community of Christ 2010 World Conference was spectacular on Saturday night! Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon, general secrectary of the National Council of Churches, gave the keynote address. As a way to celebrate the church's 150th anniversary of the reorganization, Joseph Smith III (portrayed by John Horner) stood behind the Plano pulpit and presented the gavel to President Veazey to open the conference.
Sunday brought a moving Communion service with a message from Apostle Bunda Chibwe and on Sunday evening we celebrated with the Asia field as the church celebrated 50 years of ministry in Korea and Japan. President Veazey gave a challenging address that can be viewed and downloaded at
If you couldn't join us in person this week, we hope you will have an opportunity to view a live webcast of the evening worship experiences or check out the online Daily Update featuring sermon texts, video clips, moments in history, daily minutes, photos, and more at Additional updates available on the Community of Christ facebook page.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Week on your Canada West Mission Announcements!


The Nurturing Spirit Workshop in Vancouver was a huge success…close to 40 people were inspired and nurtured by Vickie MacArthur and Shannon McAdam. A bountiful feast of delicious and healthy food was provided by Lana Cullis, and the evening music from Edith Wallace and her husband Fred Brumm sent everyone home with a song in their hearts and on their lips.

For a template on how to host your own “Nurturing Spirit Workshop” please contact


The Women’s Retreat in Washington April 30th to May 2nd invites Canadian women to attend…click here to find out more!   Women's Retreat


And I, Debra Donohue, have started my new position as CWM Administrative Assistant.  I work out of my home office in Vancouver where I am the communications person for the Vancouver Congregation.  I look forward to hearing about your events and news.  Please send me photos along with your news to