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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly Wire for June 8, 2011

Help !

Save the children from boredom!

We need a registered youth worker to provide daytime classes for young children at the Young Adult Retreat at Hills of Peace this coming weekend.  If you can provide this valuable service, please contact Caitlin Ball at or 403-475-9451.   image 


Adult Reunion at Samish Island June 11-17 Register Today!

"For the past 11 years an Adult Reunion has been held at Samish Island Campground to provide opportunity for interested adults of any age to assemble and worship, pray, fellowship and study together in a very peaceful atmJack Hedalosphere. We will continue this year to focus our ministry on the last few inspired messages to the Community of Christ seeking greater understanding.
Approximately 50 people from GPNW, Inland West, Canada West and some other distant Mission Centers attend each year. Guest ministers from our International Community of Christ come and provide ministry. We have outstanding spiritual experiences and rich fellowship. Our schedule is relatively relaxed to provide opportunity for much visiting and sharing together; and by the way the food is very good. Our guest minister for 2011 is Apostle Scott Murphy 
This reunion does not take the place of our "Family" reunions where we meet together with family members of all ages. We encourage the Adult Reunion attendees to go to their "Family' reunions to share in them. Come and share; you will not be disappointed!"


We Need You!

Reunion 2008 062 kids ready for camping season 

Remember when you were a kid at camp and you looked up to the camp councilors?  Remember how cool you thought they were and how you always wanted to be the little girl who held hands with her  councilor or the little boy who got to win the 3 legged race with his councilor?  Well now is the time to give back.  Youth camps NEED YOU to be an inspiration to a whole new generation of kids.  If you’re a registered youth worker contact a camp director and volunteer at a camp this summer.  If you’re not a registered youth worker – what are you waiting for! – contact your pastor today.  Make a difference in a child or youth’s life today.

Kimtah 2010a


Hills of Peace youth camps

We urgently need campers to register by June 15th for ALL Hills of Peace Youth Camps. Jr. High camp also urgently requires male staff who are Registered Youth Workers.

It is extremely important that registrations happen immediately and that we have enough staff for the Jr.High  Camp. The deadline for registrations is June 15th

 Junior Camp 8-11 year olds
July 16-20 Theme ―”It’s a God Thing” Director Corleen McLean  or 306-716-2784
We will play together, work together, sing together and learn together - and we will learn to see God in everyone we meet. There will be mini-Olympics, sunrise walks, "backwards day" and lots of crafts, classes and activities!

Junior High Camp 12-14 year olds
July 23-29
Camp Director Tabatha Knox

Senior High Camp 15-18 year olds
July 2-8 Directors: Dan Woynarski, Rachelle Smalldon  
Theme: the Me I want to be
Last year's highlights; Swimming at Capt Ayre, Movie Night in Wainwright, Canada Day celebrations at CFB Wainwright and Tim Horton's Drive Thru.

Costs: donations accepted


Camp Genesis Wrap up! Wow!











This year's Camp Genesis (for children in grades 2 & 3), themed: "It's a God Thing", was a great kick-start to our summer camping season!

18 campers attended from both Washington and British Columbia and 12 staff members made the camp a success.

Highlights you'll find in this photo sampling: wildly popular craft class with Christine Campbell, Games time with Jean Cravey, nature walks, worship time, and a theme class by Shannon McAdam.  

Genesis_2011_camp_pic_13_2011-06-04_07-36-06 - Version 2 

As tradition at this camp goes we take both "serious" and "silly" camp photos - can you tell the difference?

Genesis_2011_camp_pic_15_2011-06-04_07-37-05 - Version 2 

A great time was had by all and more than one camper could be heard saying that they can't wait for family camp later this summer and for camp Genesis next year!



Spiritual Retreat Review


On June 3rd, 22 of us gathered at Hills of Peace for a weekend of enlightenment.  And we were not disappointed!  We enjoyed a small display of God’s greatness with rain, snow, sun and yes, mosquitoes. (And all in 3 days!) 

Bruce Crockett Bruce Crockett took us on a “Journey of the Beloved”. He started us off with with some Tai Chi and led us into a discussion on discernment. Bruce encouraged us to share and throughout the weekend, we were more than willing to oblige. Friday night we watched a movie on the life of Henri Nouwen and then Denise Esch had the group combine puzzle skills and  fellowship.  Following a good nights rest and waking up to snow, our day started with devotions led by Gloria Stanton.   Then Bruce led us in the parts of the book, “Life of the Beloved”: Taken, Blessed, Broken and Given.  Sunday morning we closed our weekend together with a communion service, with Dan Esch as our speaker.  We were all truly blessed for having been together for the weekend, as we shared our experiences and our faith.

Gloria Stanton, Lynda Mills, Bruce Crockett, & Darrell Belrose. Lois Aspvik, Paddockwood Congregation.  Linda Klughart & Lois Simpson,


What's up May 2011

Click here to see the

new issue of

“What’s Up … in the CWM” online.




You can now register for

Youth Camps at Samish Island 

through this link! 


Registration Instructions for Camping Season

To register for camps please use this link Camp Registration fill out the form and email it to the appropriate camp director. This is used as a courtesy to the camp director, to  hold your spot at the camp, retreat, or function, and to provide the cooks with basic numbers for meals.

The enrollment form must be printed, filled out, scanned and emailed, snail mailed, or you can bring the signed forms with you to camp.  This procedure is in place because we MUST have signatures on these forms.

Additional Medical and Liability information can be found on the CWM Downloads page of the CWM Website as well.


Camp Kimtah

(Samish Senior High Age – Boys & Girls) is looking for 2 more male counselors and 1 more female counselor. Must be at least 23 years of age and registered youth worker or willing to become one. You would need to be at Samish from late afternoon on Saturday, August 6th to about 1 PM on Saturday, August 13th. If you’re interested please contact Sean Langdon, Business Manager, at 425-293-6366 or Catherine Peter, Camp Director, at 253-740-9277


June 2011
Keeping the church connected

The church has been introduced to five mission initiatives that will change lives, the church, and the world! Learn more by watching President Stephen M. Veazey’s address that he shared with the worldwide church on April 10: and at

Christ’s mission is our mission! From this point forward, all ministries, personnel, and resources of the World Church will be focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ through these mission initiatives:

  • Invite People to Christ—Christ’s mission of evangelism
  • Abolish Poverty, End Suffering—Christ’s mission of compassion
  • Pursue Peace on Earth—Christ’s mission of justice and peace
  • Develop Disciples to Serve—equip individuals for Christ’s mission
  • Experience Congregations in Mission—equip congregations for Christ’s mission

The World Church Finance Board discussed the initiatives at its May meeting. See the response in a news story at or in the July Herald.

Get involved and stay connected with how the mission initiatives have the power to transform lives on Community of Christ’s Power of 10 website: In the USA, use your mobile device to text MISSION to 74574 to get to the site. During your visit, share mission stories from your community, read others’ stories, and connect to the financial and emotional results of your giving to mission initiatives.

Early retirement has been granted to President of the Council of Twelve and Director of Field Ministries Jim Slauter. See Letters of Counsel Regarding the Presiding Quorums, letters from Jim and the Council of Twelve Apostles, and details about new apostolic assignments at

New resources to prepare for the USA National Conference are at and were mailed to the following people in the USA: pastors, congregational financial officers, field specialists and appointees, and mission center presidents and financial officers in the USA.

  • Letter from the USA Team of Apostles
  • Process Overview for “Ways of Discovering God’s Will” model with a resource timeline
  • Together in Christ—A Journey of Faith: Reflective Questions and Spiritual Practices for the Journey to the 2012 USA National Conference

Members and congregations are invited to join in daily prayer for the church in the United States and actively engage in this journey of faith using these resources.

The 2011 Community of Christ International Peace Award will honor visionary author and environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams. Throughout her life she has focused on how to make the broken fragments of life into something whole and beautiful again. Her book, Finding Beauty in a Broken World (2008), uses mosaic as a metaphor to explore the injustices and brokenness of two types of genocide: extermination of prairie dogs in western USA and the 1994 slaughter of 1 million Tutsi in Rwanda due to ethnic tensions. Through these heartbreaking journeys, Williams finds the beauty, peace, and hope of restoration that can come only through a Spirit-filled soul. Read more in the June Herald and on June 1 at

The Peace Colloquy theme, “Creating Hope, Healing Earth,” honors her work to promote peace with an ethical stance toward life. Attend the Colloquy (October 21-23) and see her accept the award and share a keynote address. The peace award ceremony will be at 7:30 p.m. central, Friday, October 21, at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. It will be webcast live in English, French, and Spanish at

In times of crisis, Community of Christ responds as a worldwide church through your prayers and contributions to the Oblation Fund and the Abolish Poverty, End Suffering mission initiative. There have been several tornadoes in the Midwestern USA recently. Local and World Church leaders are working together to assess immediate and long-term needs in affected communities.

As of May 24, all members of the Joplin Congregation in Missouri were accounted for after a devastating tornado on May 22. Apostle Rick Maupin reported that “the church is providing aid to church families through Oblation funds as needs are identified. The church building was not damaged.” Meals, bottled water, and an opportunity for worship to assist in the healing were shared. Visit

Thank you for sharing this story, offering prayers, and giving generously. You can give using offertory envelopes in congregations or online at

Explore more deeply what Doctrine and Covenants 164:6a–b has to say about relationships in a Herald series. Apostle Stassi Cramm’s commentary explores how the principle of mutual respect gains traction when two cultures brush against each other during a presentation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Send your reflections about articles to and we may print them in a future issue. See the series at or sign up at to get them delivered free to your e-mail.

“God’s Presence in the Everyday” is a sermon by Dave Schaal, First Presidency, that you can see at and on the Witness the Word DVD that was mailed to pastors in Australia, British Isles, Canada, and the United States. You can also watch and download Witness the Word sermons online.

Revised guidelines/criteria for World Hunger and Tangible Love Funds can be found on their respective websites and under “Application and Reporting.” Financial resources from the two funds are made available through “seed” grants to help congregations and mission centers abolish poverty and end suffering through development of collaborative, innovative programs that restore or protect the worth of persons and sacredness of the Earth. Your congregation is encouraged to get involved in your community by developing hunger related and/or justice, peace, and compassionate ministries. The two websites provide ideas and ways to make this happen. Check them out.

Are you interested in starting a Young Peacemakers’ Club (YPC) in your congregation? Do you already have a YPC? Please contact Dr. Rebecca Newcom Belcher at the Children’s Peace Pavilion ( to access a YPC Leader’s Handbook and introductory curriculum.

Restoration Studies invites submissions. It has been published by the church on an occasional basis since 1980. For the last three years (volumes X, XI, and XII) it has been published annually by the John Whitmer Historical Association under special arrangement with the church. This publication includes articles on theology and culture in the church and the broader Latter Day Saint movement. Although most of the articles are scholarly, research-based works, papers of a more reflective, testimonial nature are also included. Articles may be submitted to the editor (Peter Judd at by September 15, 2011, for the 2012 issue. More information about specifications (length, format, etc.) are available from the editor. Restoration Studies promotes the free expression of carefully considered points of view on matters related to Community of Christ and the broader tradition of which it is a part.

Visit the Children’s Peace Pavilion at Community of Christ Auditorium in Independence, Missouri. A new director (Dr. Rebecca Newcom Belcher), a renovated Pavilion, and new exhibits all await you. Come experience peacemaking. Visit the website at for information on planning your visit. We look forward to visiting with you this summer.

MEADS offers a new course on Worship, August 1–5 from 1:30–5:00 p.m. at the Community of Christ Temple in Independence, Missouri. All are welcome to enroll. Jane Gardner, director of Integrated Formation Ministries and High Priest Quorum president, will be the instructor. The course will address many subjects on corporate worship along with new planning and leadership skills for worship experiences in various congregational settings. This course is offered in addition to the MEADS certificate program courses, but is not part of certification.

For those enrolled or interested in starting the certificate program, August courses are New Testament, taught by Tony and Charmaine Chvala-Smith; and Theological Foundations for Christian Ministry, taught by Wim van Klinken. Cost is $88 for one class, $175 for two. A senior rate (55+) of $25 is offered for the Worship course. For more information or to register, contact Michelle Booth: To learn more about Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies and future classes, visit

Did you know the church’s website at has a search feature that helps you find information on the website quickly and easily? Just enter a word or phrase that describes what you’re looking for and hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

In a few short years people have become comfortable communicating and transacting business on their computers and telephones. Personal information now must be guarded more than ever. This month’s Community of Christ Health Ministries Association health brief reviews how to retrieve a free credit report and other suggestions to protect financial, emotional, physical, and mental health. We also provide information to keep children safe online while they are spending more time this summer on social networks and the computer. Go to for the latest health brief/bulletin insert on “Safety in the Electronic Age.”

Catch the June generosity stories at PowerPoint presentations are included with each week’s story except the June 12 contribution update.

Did you know when you fund a gift annuity with Community of Christ, the church agrees to pay you at a fixed rate as long as you live? The beauty of a charitable gift annuity is that it never changes—no matter what the economy does! Incredibly reliable. Simple to understand. Contact Estate and Financial Planning to learn more: 1-800-884-7526; Visit the website at

Check out the Disciple Formation Guide at As disciples of Jesus, we seek to grow more like Christ every day. The Disciple Formation Guide is an online tool designed to help you find and use disciple-formation resources from Community of Christ to further this growth. It links you to tools that will help you create customized resources for your classes, groups, congregations, and more. Explore the possibilities today!

Please share the following information with those serving in a capacity to share information about resources and coordinate group orders through Herald House. Remind your congregation they can always shop Herald House online at

  • Walking With Jesus: Disciples in Community of Christ (Revised) is used to prepare people for baptism, confirmation or both. This recently revised book is a disciple’s guide for people seeking to follow Jesus Christ as a member of Community of Christ. Ten easy-to-read chapters offer insight to various areas of participation in Community of Christ.    9780830914708    $9.95

Daily Prayer for Peace—A brief worship service is held daily at 1:00 p.m. central time at the Temple. Join us in prayer from wherever you are. For details and the text of each day’s prayer, visit

World Ministries Contributions Update

Align Your Giving with What Matters Most

The church received an estimated $775,000 in World Mission Tithes in April, 6% less than the budget for the month. Even with this one month under budget, more than two-thirds of our congregations have increased their giving over this time last year. Ten months through the fiscal year, we are exceeding budgeted income by 5%. Your dedication and sacrifice as generous disciples is deeply encouraging.

The Spirit has been moving through the church—inspiring, challenging, and encouraging us in our call to become more generous disciples. In his address to the worldwide church on April 10, President Steve Veazey challenged us to consider how much the mission of Jesus Christ really matters to us. “Words and good intentions are not enough,” he declared. “Are we willing to align our time, energy, and means to show the mission of Christ matters most?”

Steve asserted that “Generous response from all, according to true capacity now and in the years ahead…will make mission happen beyond what we now can see” (

Are you responding to God’s generosity by giving to your full capacity to worldwide and local ministries? Your contributions in July will launch the 2012 fiscal year, and will be directly aligned with Christ’s mission through the mission initiatives. Christ’s mission is our mission! Thank you to all who support the ministries we are called to share with the world. Learn more about the mission initiatives and giving options at or

Due to manual reporting by some jurisdictions, actual income may take several months to finalize. Numbers provided are estimates based on reports received.

Upcoming Events
June 6–10: Seminary Focus Session
June 12: Pentecost/Endowment Day

July 4: International Headquarters offices closed—Independence Day (USA)
July 23–30: Spectacular—Graceland, Lamoni, Iowa (USA)

August 1–5: MEADS
August 19–20: Health and Spirituality Workshop

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Canada West Mission Conference Accommodation

Be sure to book your accommodation early for Mission Conference in Vancouver, September 2nd to 4th.  We have LOTS of FREE accommodation available!

To arrange for billeting contact Linda Phelps at 604-792-1057 or

Or if you prefer a Hotel…

The Days Inn - $119per night 2 Queen beds, $109 2 Double beds, free continental breakfast, internet and parking. Other rooms and rates available. Use booking code “CWMConference”  2075 Kingsway, Vancouver, V5N2T2   604-876-5531 or 1-800-546-4792  

Accent Inn - $109per night- includes complimentary shuttle to and from Conference, free parking and internet.  3777 Henning Drive Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5 Canada Phone (604) 473-5000 Fax (604) 473-5095 email Use booking code Community of Christ.


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