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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekly Wire for June 29, 2011


Sunday School Picnic – Vancouver- and sunny too!

 Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 001 Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 006

The weather was perfect for our annual Sunday School Picnic in Vancouver last Sunday!  Everyone brought delicious food but the best part was the great conversations with friends…well the kids might have something to say about that.  Sarah-Joy Hopkin brought a “parachute” for the kids to play with … and boy was it a huge hit.

 Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 011A Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 012 

First everyone grabs an edge…

Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 014 Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 017 

then up up up… and two people from opposite sides run underneath as quick as they can to switch positions!  Next we tucked the edges under us and sat on them…voila a giant mushroom!

 Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 021 Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 022 Vancouver - Sunday School Picnic 025 

The cat never had it so tough as in this game of cat and mouse…the cat runs around on top of the parachute looking for the mouse while the team vigorously whips the edges of the parachute.  The mouse runs under the parachute trying not to get caught!

Special thanks to Leah Christensen for organizing our event and Sarah-Joy Hopkin for bringing the games!


It’s time to register for SINGLES REUNION at SAMISH ISLAND!

Samish Island

Aug 14-20  Cost $198.11  Reunion Theme “Discerning the Power Within”

Presenter: Seventy Karen Peter

Northwest Support Group has the following goals:   

* Healing: Emotional, physical, spiritual, and sense of self worth

* Support: Building a support system; bonding with each other

* Commitment: Recognition of our commitment to God and God's commitment to us

* Define life's purpose: Develop life's disciplines and clarify specific objectives

* Doing the vision: Going beyond self, responding to God's call to us, being empowered to fulfill God's call.

Retreat activities include large and small group interaction, individual sharing time, classes, campfires, special dinner, uplifting worships, and other events. This is the opportunity to renew contacts with other singles. Take time to think, "Will I venture with other caring singles!"

Register with Betty and Ken Fernandes


Click here to see the Camp Kimtah flyer!


New – Canada West Mission Prayer List


In July we will be starting up a Canada West Mission Prayer list which we plan to have come out the first and 15th of each month(or close to those dates). The prayer requests will stay on the list for 2 cycles or one month, please update your requests after that.  You may want to assign one person from your congregation to send these in, and of course anyone can send individual pray requests as they feel the need.   Please send your prayer requests to

When writing a prayer request please use the following format:

John Smith – Vancouver – Broken arm

Mary Smith- Ribstone – Cancer and Stomach issues

Joe Smith – Calgary – Personal Strength and Support

There are two reasons for the simplified format, one – we anticipate a large list and two – it’s important to be mindful of the personal privacy of the person asking for prayers.   God will know what each of us needs.


Debra Donohue



Mission Conference 2011

Are you making plans to come to Vancouver for Mission Conference 2011?  Our full schedule will be out soon, but please note that our activities will go into the early evening on Sunday night.  You will probably want to make your return travel plans for the holiday Monday.

Mission Conference Accommodation

Be sure to book your accommodation early for Mission Conference in Vancouver, September 2nd to 4th.  We have LOTS of FREE accommodation available!  To arrange for billeting contact Linda Phelps at 604-792-1057 or

Mission Conference Registration

Register now to or call toll free 1-877-411-2632  Remember that everyone attending must register so we can plan for meals and special events!


Calgary Summer Schedule

Calgary's summer worship will begin at 10am starting July 3. Regular (11am) worship services resume September 4.


Upcoming Camps, Retreats and Reunions!

July 2-8 Senior High Camp (15-18 yrs) Hills of Peace - postponed until next year
July 3-9 Camp Mungai (10-11 yrs) Samish Island
July 9-15 Family Reunion Hills of Peace
July 16-20 Junior Camp (8-11 yrs) Hills of Peace
July 16-23 Family Reunion Samish Island
July 21- Aug 1 Spectacular Graceland University
July 23-29 Junior High Camp (12-14 yrs) Hills of Peace - postponed until next year
July 24-30 Camp Kluane (girls 12-14 yrs) Samish Island
July 31-Aug 6 Camp Chimacum (boys 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

August 5-7 Young Family Weekend Hills of Peace
August 7-13 Camp Kimtah (15-18 yrs) Samish Island
August 14-20 Singles Reunion Samish Island

September 2-4 Canada West Mission Conference - Vancouver, BC
September 16-18 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island
September 23-25 Men's Retreat Hills of Peace
Sept 30-Oct 2 Singles Retreat Samish Island

Please remember to register today!

Samish Family Reunion Guest Ministry: Susan Skoor, Brad and Lori Martell.  Registration

Hills of Peace Family Reunion Guest Ministry: Jim Poirier, Kris and Peter Judd   Registration

For more information on these and all camps, click here to see the

 CWM Camping Guide 


Click here to see the latest issue of

“What’s Up … in the CWM” online.

What's up May 2011


“Let God be by your side always”

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