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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Canada West Mission Conference 2016

See the photos, the fun, and the highlights from

Mission Conference 2016 in Ribstone, Alberta

Mission Conference 2016

Mission Conference Group Photo


A big bale of hay, painted with the Lion and Lamb, backsides on the back side!


Mission Centre President Steve Thompson with his wife Marian, Guest Minister Carman Thompson with his wife Joan. (front sides only)


Our audio visual team of Parker Johnson and Jahnelle Geddes hard at work…


…and not so hard at work in the sound booth.  We all need one of these!


Some of the most important people at Mission Conference, the cooks! The local Scouts leaders cooked for us and donated the funds to their Scout group.

Highlights from the Business Meeting


1. Advisory Committee

Motion: the following persons be sustained as members of the Canada West Mission Centre. Stan Freer (Manitoba), Denise Esch and Corleen McLean (Saskatchewan), Caitlin d’Esterre (Alberta) Carl Bolger and Shannon McAdam (British Columbia). Moved: Pam Mogg (Ribstone). Seconded. Carried.

1. Consideration of Proposed Electronic Meeting Procedures

Motion: The “Meeting Procedures for CWMC Business Meetings” and the “Procedures for Conducting Electronic or On-Line CWMC Business Meetings” be approved. Moved: Carl Bolger (Victoria). Seconded.

Motion to amend/replace the last paragraph of the document: “If the electronic link is lost between the chair (central location) and one or more locations but quorum remains at the central location of the meeting then the meeting may continue”. Moved: Carl Lindemann (Edmonton). Seconded.

The Chair committed to provide further clarification and amend the motion either at the mock meeting or at the next Mission Conference. Discussion. Amendment Carried.

Motion to approve the motion as amended. Carried.


2. Consideration of A Canadian Reserve Fund for the Future.

Presentation made by Dar Shepherdson about the Canadian Endowment Fund which has been established in the Canadian Church. Purpose is to create reserves ($27 million) to sustain the operations and missions in the Canadian Church. Already received almost $3 million in commitments and has $1.3 million in cash invested as of August 1, 2016. This will not supercede tithing.

Members: Stassi Cram (chair), Carol Shaw (co-chair), Bob Hodgson (co-chair), Art Smith, Steve Thompson, Kerry Richards, Becky Middleton, Janine McCully, Dale Ward, Sam Smalldon, Lew Shepherdson, Jim Poirier, Linda Hewitt and Dave Snell.


Stephen Robinson of 52skillz


Stephen’s recipe for "How to learn anything!"

1. Write it down.
2. Set a date.
3. Create accountability....
4. Fail hard.
5. Ask for help.
6. Own it.

“How to Learn Anything and Build the Best Paper Airplane”

Soni Freer, Bonnie Cartier, Steve Thompson


Making new friends


Guest Minister Carman Thompson


Darleene Skinner presenting the ABC’s of Ribstone



President of Seventy John Glaser sharing stories with us.


Encounter World Religions Brian Carwana brought a suitcase full of items to teach the youth class about other cultures.


World Accord’s David Barth with the youth class


Lisa Neudorf blessing the emblems during the Communion service.

Becky and Doug Middleton foreground, President of Seventy John Glaser and Ribstone co-pastor Darleene Skinner background.


Lisa Neudorf serving Communion to servers Bishop of Canada Dar Shepherdson and Ribstone co-pastor Joanne Fraser.


Saying a prayer on each others hand tracings.


Rod Downing served up some Peace and Justice in the form of alternative foodIMG_5345IMG_5348

Meal worms and crickets.


Thank goodness he brought along this fair trade dark chocolate!

Children’s Classes



The younger children were treated to fabulous classes taught by a variety of volunteers.


One of our final events, The Great Egg Drop.  Youth class-team members had to work together to build a basket that would protect an egg from breaking during an 8 foot drop.  Debra Donohue instructing Kelby and Emelia.


The dropping began during our final dinner.


The winning team with the only surviving egg, Landon and Ryley!

Ribstone Congregation

Thank you Ribstone for being wonderful Mission Conference hosts!

Mark your calendars for

Mission Conference 2017, September 1-3

in Vancouver British Columbia.

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