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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekly Wire for November 15, 2012



Just Booked…

Connie Cavanaugh!

For Mission Conference in Edmonton, August 30-September 1, 2013

“Keeping it Real”

Connie Cavanaugh red shirt head to hips

Connie Cavanaugh is as real as it gets when she speaks to thousands internationally each year. You will laugh and cry as Connie encourages your faith with her stories and biblical teaching. Connie’s best-selling book From Faking it to Finding Grace: discovering God again when your faith runs dry brings the topic of spiritual dryness out from “under the pew” and offers hope and help for those of us who hide our pain behind a Sunday-morning smile. Her newest book Following God One Yes at a Time: overcoming the six barriers that hold you back shows you how to walk with God in the real world.

Connie and her husband Gerry Taillon (pronounced Ty-oh-n) have been married longer than you have probably lived and they have three adult children (all married, whew!) and three brilliant, talented, gorgeous grandchildren (one more coming January 2013 – yay!). Connie enjoys being outdoors when the sun is shining, reading beside a cozy fire, playing online Scrabble with faraway friends, and dipping gingersnap cookies in hot tea … but her favorite job is being a Gram!


You’re Invited!

To the Annual

Women’s Christmas Breakfast

in Vancouver



Christs Mission Is Our Mission

The First Presidency is asking the entire church to prayerfully study Christ’s Mission Is Our Mission [available at Herald House], by Peter A. Judd as preparation for World Conference.  With its thought-provoking chapters and the wealth of discussion and reflection questions, this is wonderful material for a Sunday-school class or study group.

Twelve lessons, including activities to help prepare for World Conference, are now available in the Disciple Formation Guide.

· Christ’s Mission Is Our Mission: World Conference Preparation is a set of six lesson plans to support study of Peter Judd’s Christ’s Mission Is Our Mission text. The lesson plans include discussion and spiritual practice options with particular reflection on World Conference preparation.

· Christ’s Mission Is Our Mission Study Guide: Spiritual Formation is a set of six lesson plans for deeper exploration of Christ’s Mission Is Our Mission through a spiritual formation lens.  This resource provides expanded versions of the lesson plans for World Conference Preparation and can be used for added background material.  This study guide is also intended for long term use by the church as individuals, congregations and mission centers continue to engage in formation for mission.


From the Canadian Peace and Justice Committee

As you may know World Church is wanting congregations to align their activities under the five Mission Initiatives.

Mission Initiatives

Here is an excellent way to start doing that for any congregation that serves coffee. Normally coffee would be a “Maintenance or kitchen expense.” But if a congregation purchases fair trade coffee, then you can take that expense and move it under the “Abolish Poverty, End Suffering” Initiative, because that is exactly what fair trade does – it helps coffee farmers break the cycle of poverty. Thus by spending very little extra, your congregational budget automatically aligns with that critical Mission Initiative. For the sake of impoverished coffee farmers around the world, we hope you will consider that wherever possible.


Peace Colloquy Pictures and Videos



Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. 

~Martin Luther King, Jr.~



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