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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Wire for October 4, 2012

Upcoming Events at a Glance

October 12-14 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Women's Retreat Chilliwack

For more information on these events, scroll down or go to our website!


Happy Thanksgiving!

See our Thanksgiving Video below

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What’s up in Calgary


The Calgary Congregation is Celebrating 100 years!



Join us for much more!

Oct 7: Invite Others to Christ Guest Speaker: Jim Doty

Oct 14: Developing Disciples' to Serve Guest Speaker: Danny Belrose

Oct 21: Abolish Poverty and End Suffering Guest Speaker: Art Smith

Oct 28: Pursue Peace Guest Speaker: Greg Goheen


Camping Season isn’t over yet!

Click here to see our CWM Camping Guide with full descriptions of our camps, Guest Ministry, Camp Directors and Registrars.


 Now is the time to become a Registered Youth Worker. Use the link below to download forms and set up an interview with your pastor - or the one nearest to you. You can even interview over the phone!

Give a little back to kids who will really appreciate it.

Youth Worker Registration Form



Women’s Retreat in Chilliwack



What’s Up…In the CWM online


Would you like to contribute to our next edition of

What’s Up…In the CWM?

Send me your articles, prayers, photos, and summaries of

your congregations activities now.

(any activity large or small)

We’d love to hear from you.




2012 Camping/Event Calendar

October 12-14 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Women's Retreat Chilliwack


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao Tzu -


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