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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video Teaser for July 19, 2011

Hi Everyone!

I’m away at Samish Island Reunion this week, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the Joy Unlimited Reunion video that we played on Saturday night at Reunion.  Joy Unlimited was a youth choir that Brian and Nola Gibson started in BC back in 1973. Last Saturday night we held a surprise Joy Unlimited Reunion concert to celebrate the group and to thank Brian and Nola for their years of hard work and inspiration.  I’ve already received so many requests for a copy of the DVD Slide Show that I thought the easiest way for everyone to see it would be to post it in the Video Teaser slot.

I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to pass the link along to anyone who you think would like to see it too.

And don’t forget to send me your fabulous photos from Hills of Peace Reunion, Samish Island Reunion and Hills of Peace Junior Camp to post in next week’s Video Teaser and Weekly Wire!

Debra Donohue, Communications Coordinator

Canada West Mission, Community of Christ

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1 comment:

  1. Very fun! Great slide show. Wish we could have been there!! Hoping to see more videos/ photos from the reunion! ~ Diana (Haas) Meyer