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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Wire for April 6, 2011


Ribstone’s Annual Enrichment Weekend! 

Don’t delay, register today!

(It’s FREE)




Arts on the Lake -Class Descriptions

Over the next few weeks we’ll be providing you with full class descriptions of your choices for Arts on the Lake

Meditation Bracelets for Men and Women-Karen Snell and Lorraine Boote

Come and practice mindful meditation, reflecting on sincere intentions such as gratitude and love as you create an onyx, tiger eye, amethyst or rose quartz bracelet. Please inform Karen at of your interest to ensure adequate bracelet supplies. $20.00 is requested to cover materials. This class will take up one of your class choices.

Film Class- Mat Levitt

Have you ever wondered how James Cameron got his start, well it may just have been a film class taught by a guy like Mat Levitt.  In Mat’s film class you’ll work as a team to produce a 5 minute piece from start to finish.  Writing, filming and editing, it’s like a film festival in a day.Your project will be showcased at the Talent Show Saturday night! This class will take up two of your class choices.

Cake Decorating- Tracy Smith

Move over Cake Boss, you’ve got nothing on our own Tracy Smith!  And she’s a lot nicer too!  Tracy will teach you the fine art of cake decorating on  Cupcakes - fondant/rolled butter cream covered or a combination of fondant and piping, and Sugar cookies - with a royal icing technique. Each student will end up with 1 cupcake, 1 sugar cookie, and the recipes for how to make them when they get home.  If you would like a "take home" decorating kit with an icing bag, 3 decorating tips and a coupler please let us know in advance.  The cost of the take home kit is $15.00. Nutritional Disclaimer/Calorie content: Trust me, you don't want to know the actual calories!  This class will take up one of your class choices.

Wildlife Sketching Class- Amanda Loucks

Since the time of hieroglyphics people have been caught staring at objects and reproducing their images on walls, paper and canvas.  In Amanda’s class you’ll learn the basics of sketching such as shading and the process of layering details to create sketches of depictions within wildlife - as small as leaves or large as scenery.  It will be an outdoor class with sketch pads and proper art pencils.  This class will take up one of your class choices.

Check back next week for more class descriptions!


Senior High Camp at Hills of Peace 

Mark this on your calendar! Pre-register for Senior High Camp before June 15th, 2011.

The director for this years camp will be Dan Woynarski. Senior High Camp runs July 2-8, 2011 at Hills of Peace.

Please contact Dan Woynarski for information

Dan Woynarski Field Minister

(306) 352-1570 home

(306) 539-8775 cell



Peace and Justice  --  Human Rights

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to this issue from the “In The Forefront” mailing list.  To alter your profile, follow the steps at the end, where your profile is listed. 

This newsletter begins with three actions – the first is the most urgent, involving a Libyan woman who spoke out and has been arrested.  The other two actions deal with Darfur and Nigerian oil.  Following that are two sections that don’t have any action, but are one of the occasional times that this newsletter steps back from the glaring and already well-reported issues of the day – in this case Japan’s disaster and the Libyan crisis – to consider some of the longer-term issues as it pertains to the “well-being of all.”

[My apologies for the unavoidable delay in sending this – all actions should still be valid]



One week ago, a young woman lawyer named Iman al-Obeidi burst into a Tripoli hotel and pleaded with foreign journalists for help, showing bruises and crying that she had just been gang-raped by 15 of Qaddafi's men. She screamed as she was dragged away by Libyan agents and has not been seen since.  A journalist caught the scene on film, which some of you may have seen.  Anyone knowing about Qaddafi’s internal security apparatus, knows the woman is in grave danger.

Avaaz recognizes that any direct appeal to Qaddafi is useless.  But Qaddafi did listen to the Turkish government when they asked him to release foreign journalists. So consider signing the petition which will be hand-delivered to the Turkish consulate in Benghazi:

Take Action:

Background: Video footage:



Three areas form major concerns.  Darfur continues to deteriorate.  The level of government-directed violence has increased sharply the last four months, eerily reminiscent of the early days when the worst atrocities took place.  It has resulted in well over 100,000 fleeing into camps that now often receive less food and medical supplies.  Southern Sudan, about to become the world’s newest country on July 9, finds growing unrest.  And the oil-rich central Abyei region, as noted in the satellite images below, has experienced ominous violence and has seen both North & South troop build-ups (For further details, see:

The U.S., which helped broker the original 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, has two top diplomats working in Sudan (Princeton Lyman as Envoy to Sudan and looking after the N-S tensions; and Dane Smith, Envoy to Darfur).  And they have a coherent package in place, if not entirely satisfying.  But given the swirling world events, Sudan can easily get lost.  Thus while this may sound like a broken record, it remains crucial that public support be sent to the administration.

Take Action (open to all countries):

Urge Obama to Strengthen Efforts Against Sudan Deterioration

Satellite Report of Village Tajalei Destruction:




This concern has been targeted in earlier newsletters, but the issue remains largely unresolved.  The oil industry is abusing the human rights of hundreds of thousands of people in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. So far, the Nigerian government can’t or won’t hold oil companies accountable.

A major source of oil pollution is the practice of gas flaring -- burning off excess gas as waste. Communities affected by flaring and organizations working on oil industry pollution have raised serious, but unanswered questions about the risks to human health. The poorest communities are among the hardest hit.  The following petition will be delivered by Amnesty International and its partners to the Nigerian government, Shell, ENI, Total, Chevron and other multinational oil companies active in the Niger Delta this summer.

Take Action:

Sign Petition to Nigerian Government



“We turn not older with years, but newer every day”

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)


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