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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekly Wire for March 9, 2011


Hills of Peace Spiritual Retreat June 3rd – 5th


  Bruce Crockett is our guest minister and he would like anyone coming to read Henri Nouwen's book:  "Life of the Beloved" before they come to camp. 

To register email Denise Esch:



Dear Writers,

I hope you have all seen the 2011 Daily Bread. We have received many accolades for your great stories and articles. It’s time, once again, to pick up your pens or sit down at your computer and write for the 2012 volume. The space has increased to 1700 characters (about 300 words). I look forward to reading your articles.

Thank you so much for your great contributions.  Shalom, Lu

Lu Mountenay, Daily Bread Editor,Administrative Asst, Formation Ministries

816.833.1000 ext.2360,Fax 816.521.3082



Canada West Mission Conference will be held at the

Vancouver, BC Congregation

September 2-4, 2011

Stay tuned for more details!



 Camping registration forms can be found under

‘CWM downloads’ on our website or here



“Arts on the Lake” at Hills of Peace!

Register Now!

A celebration of all fine arts May 27th to 29th

Bring your musical instruments, you voice, your talent or simply your desire to express yourself. Many different styles of fine arts will be explored and you’ll have the opportunity to attend different classes.

Sing like no one’s listening ~ Dance like no one’s watching ~ and Laugh out loud!

Check us out on facebook or to register email

arts front



Samish Camping back HOP Camping back



Senior High Camp at Hills of Peace 

Ted Navey's pictures 228

Mark this on your calendar! Pre-register for Senior High Camp before June 15th, 2011.

The director for this years camp will be Dan Woynarski. Senior High Camp runs July 2-8, 2011 at Hills of Peace.

We are currently looking for qualified staff to volunteer at this years camp. Please contact Dan Woynarski for information

Dan Woynarski Field Minister

(306) 352-1570 home

(306) 539-8775 cell


High Priest Evangelist Retreat


Here are a couple of pictures from our High Priest-Evangelist Retreat in Edmonton on the March 4-6 2011 weekend.  Shown here is our guest minister HP Wim van Klinken, Independence MO. receiving a Canadian thank you from HP Gloria Stanton, as well as a photo of the people who attended.  Our theme of Bridge Building and Peace helped us look at how both sides can be “right” and how to help each other acknowledge our differences and recognize it is not a right/wrong situation rather a right/right difference of opinion.

We looked at 4 dilemmas:  Truth verses Loyalty; Individual verses Community; Short term verses Long Term and Justice verses Mercy; then we looked at how to get to Shalom. Three ways to try and resolve conflict are –end based; follow the highest principle; & Golden rule plus selected scriptures and specific Enduring Principles to reinforce them.  We had an excellent class and people were very appreciative of the job that Wim did for us.

Thank you also to Clarissa McLean who lead us through an evening of fun & relaxation, if building bridges with balloons, straws and scotch tape or telling animal tales is fun ! A great time was had by all.

Peace & Blessings Gloria

P1010504   P1010502 P1010503 P1010506



March 2011
Keeping the church connected

“The Mission Matters Most” will be the theme of worship and the president’s annual address to the worldwide church on Sunday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. CDT. President Stephen M. Veazey will talk about the mission of Jesus Christ and how we can live that out now and into the future as Community of Christ. Encourage all who can to come to the Temple in Independence, Missouri. For those who cannot join in person, encourage people to gather in congregations or homes to watch the live webcast in English, French, and Spanish. Details are at

Read President Veazey’s commentary article on Doctrine and Covenants 164:9a–f where he reflects on “the readiness of the church to respond to God’s full vision for it.” Find the article in the March Herald and at Sign up at to get commentary series articles delivered free to your e-mail.

New online resources to help discipleship grow are at Watch video tutorials and a billboard of new products and features. On the Discipleship Formation grid, choose the age group and content you are interested in. Click and go directly to ideas, scriptures, key concepts, and other resources. Choose a tab to find a database of resources, Community of Christ-specific lessons, planning tools to customize lessons, a glossary of terms, and much more. Disciple practices are organized by age and Community of Christ beliefs.

Consider a Congregational Blessing. Pastors and pastoral teams seek to develop dynamic, healthy congregations engaged in mission. You may want to consider a Congregational Blessing as one step in congregational growth. An excellent resources for pastors and evangelists, Create Pathways of Peace in the World: A Congregational Blessing Resource, is available at or can be purchased for $5 through Herald House:; 1-800-767-8181. It is an excellent, practical guide for pastors and evangelists. The guide includes a definition of a congregational blessing, tools for assessing readiness of the congregation, forming a planning team, roles of priesthood and members, planning the service of sacrament of blessing, and ways to continue the blessing experience in the months and years that follow.

Priesthood members in the United States have been responding to the invitations they are receiving in the mail from President Steve Veazey to consider increasing their giving to World Ministries by $10 or more a week. With 16,000 priesthood members in the United States, that could mean an additional $8.3 million to launch and expand ministries in our communities throughout the world. For many of us, $10 might equal two lattés, one movie ticket, or lunch out with friends. That same $10 in Bolivia, Haiti, Malawi, and many other places will transform lives!

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, each of us is invited to consider giving at least $10 more a week to World Ministries Mission Tithes to support God’s mission throughout the world. Find the right option for you to answer this call and support World Ministries at (in Canada, visit

  • Enroll in pre-authorized monthly checking account transfers.
  • Contribute online with a debit or credit card.
  • Mail a check to Presiding Bishopric, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, MO 64050 USA.
  • Use your offering envelope in your congregation.


Begin planning for the 2013 hymnal in your congregational budget. The cost will be less than $25 per hardbound book edition. Also budget between $100 and $200 for auxiliary products. The hymnal will contain 600 to 650 hymns and songs with at least half from previous hymnals or supplements that are familiar. There will be a 15% discount for pre-orders which will likely be available in the fall of 2012. Find many more details at

New “Study and Faith” scholarships make a Graceland University education affordable for all Community of Christ students. Community of Christ and Graceland leaders launched this scholarship program for church members around the world who want a Graceland education but believe tuition may be prohibitive. Graceland will now offer scholarships to all church members equal to 50 percent of tuition on the Lamoni, Iowa, campus. Community of Christ President Stephen M. Veazey and Graceland President John Sellars are enthusiastic about the scholarship program and believe it will strengthen century-old ties between the university and its sponsoring church. To learn more about the “Study and Faith” scholarship program, contact the Graceland University Admissions Office at or 1-866-GRACELAND.

What do Christians do when they gather for worship, and why? The Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies program (MEADS) will offer a “Worship” course outside the normal certificate program in August 1–5, 2011, from 1:30–5:00 p.m. at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. Worship will be taught by Jane Gardner. The course will address a variety of subjects regarding corporate worship, including definitions of worship, the liturgical year, the lectionary, sacraments, norms and models of worship, worship planning skills, worship practices within Community of Christ, and issues in congregational worship. Attainment of informed planning and leadership skills for worship experiences in a variety of congregational settings is the primary goal. On completion of this course, the student will be able to: define and explain the biblical and theological foundations for corporate worship; access and use a variety of resources for worship planning; plan and lead corporate worship services that are based in scripture, culturally relevant, expectant of encounters with the Divine, and vibrant expressions of Christian faith; and be a more intentional, involved worshiper.

Get more details at To register or if you have questions, contact Michelle Booth at There is a senior discount (55+) of $25 for the Worship course.

An all-new, expanded audio tour is debuting at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. Visitors can pick up the hand-held wand from the Temple reception desk. This is the only audio tour currently available at any Independence tourism site. In addition to taking a self-guided tour, you can hear welcomes from President Steve Veazey and President Emeritus Wallace B. Smith; join in a prayer for peace; enjoy Jan Kraybill performing "The Spirit of God" on the Temple organ; listen to dramatic re-enactments of Biblical stories that inspired Worshiper’s Path exhibits; get artist commentaries about selected artwork on the Worshiper’s Path; and celebrate the anticipated coming of God's Kingdom with music from the French Polynesian church. This expanded audio tour replaces the basic audio tour that was introduced in the summer of 2009. French and Spanish versions are in the works. 

Summer 2011 historic sites internships and fellowships are available at Kirtland Temple inKirtland, Ohio, and the Joseph Smith Historic Site in Nauvoo, Illinois. Compensation includes six hours of credit from Graceland University, a weekly stipend, and on-site housing. Applicants from diverse fields of study are welcome. For more information, contact Lachlan Mackay at (217) 453-2246 or

Celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Kirtland Temple. All are invited to Kirtland, Ohio, for an exciting commemoration service on Sunday, March 27 at 10:30 a.m. President Steve Veazey will deliver the morning address. The lower court will once again ring with the familiar chorus of “Spirit of God, Like a Fire is Burning” as we worship together and celebrate that which inspired generations to construct and preserve the historic “House of the Lord.” Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! For more information, contact the Kirtland Temple Visitor Center at (440) 256-1830.

Celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Kirtland Temple as a new volunteer! The coming year will be the 175th anniversary of the Kirtland Temple dedication and a significant year in Community of Christ history in Kirtland. Early church members depended on volunteer labor and sacrifice to construct and maintain the Kirtland Temple. Likewise, we rely on volunteer service to preserve and share the historic “House of the Lord” today. As you make plans for the coming year, consider linking hands with early church members by becoming a Kirtland Temple volunteer. Volunteers are needed to assist in the temple gardens, hosting visitors on tour and in worship services, and helping maintain the properties. If you are interested in serving in 2011, please contact Lachlan Mackay, historic sites coordinator:, (217) 453-2246.

Four Community of Christ Seminary courses will begin online on May 16: RELG5010 History of Christian Thought II (P. Eppinger), RELG5320 Community of Christ Theology (T. Chvala-Smith), RELG5080 Mission (M. Jacks Dynes), and RELG5310 Community of Christ Scripture (D. Luffman). Courses will run seven weeks. The middle week, June 6–10, will be held at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. Each course will be held for three hours per day. Contact Judy Luffman at for more information.

How healthy is your congregation? This month's bulletin insert from Community of Christ Health Ministries Association asks questions for the priesthood and leadership team about meeting the needs of the congregants and those who enter our church. The second side lists safety issues and ways our church buildings can provide a healthy and safe environment for all who attend. The insert can be viewed and downloaded for your distribution at

Witness the Word: Sermons on Demand debuts this month. Looking for a meaningful message but feeling short on time? Struggling to find a new preaching voice to add to the sermon schedule? Having a tough time finding a last-minute replacement for a speaker who canceled?

This month we release the first in a series of video sermons by notable Community of Christ preachers:

  • “The Meaning of the Resurrection”—President Steve Veazey
  • “Offered for Love, Not Reward”—Tony and Charmaine Chvala-Smith
  • “The Parable of the Toilet Paper”—Carla Long

Two copies of the DVD will be mailed to English-speaking congregations in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Western Europe, and Australia. Downloadable versions of the sermons also will be available from the church website at Look for additional DVDs, each containing three new sermons, in June, September, and December.


Worship Planning Resources: Lent and Easter. As you prepare for Lent and Easter, check the suggested Worship Resources online at You’ll find more Lenten and Holy week worship planning ideas at

Community of Christ Educators Association is accepting applications for the 2011 $500 scholarships for any church member majoring in education. The application is due by May 1 and can be found at Please download the application and mail it and all other required information to the address indicated on the application. E-mail if you have questions or comments.

Thanks to your generous support of Oblation and World Hunger Funds, Community of Christ is able to support ministries through Tangible Love and World Hunger grants. Learn more about these grants and ministries at and Explore options for contributing to support mission at

Changes in Scripture Products. Several changes will be made in 2011 for Community of Christ scripture products. First is a price increase (estimated 10–25 percent) to cover increased cost of paper and printing. Second, the 3-in-1 option will be phased out because of excessive production cost and low sales. In its place, sets of the three books of scripture (leather, hard cover, and large print) will be available for a discount. Third, in response to customer requests, a paperback Inspired Version will be available. Scriptures are available from Herald House at

Peacebuilding Ministries offers programs that build on its Interpersonal Peacebuilding class. These include Listening Ear, Meeting Facilitation, and Cooperative Decision-Making. If you would like to offer any of these to your congregation members, contact Sandee Gamet, peacebuilding specialist, at ext. 2353 or

Catch the March Generosity Stories at PowerPoint presentations are included with each week’s story except March 13.

Herald magazine would like to hear your voice, especially if you’re commenting on ideas presented in earlier issues of the magazine. “Voices” submissions should be free of comment on the integrity of others. As for length, brief is better. If available, please include a hard-copy or digital head-shot and related photographs (one megabyte or larger). Only a selection can be published. The Herald reserves the right to condense submissions. Send yours to or Herald Voices, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, MO 64050 USA.

It’s the 2nd anniversary of the Community of Christ Facebook fan page. Community of Christ Facebook fans are almost 50 percent young adults and youth; are more than 5,000 strong; live in 20 countries, from Australia to Chile and from the United Kingdom to Sri Lanka; and speak more than a dozen languages: predominately English, but also Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Hungarian. If you’re on Facebook, get up-to-the minute news and facts straight from the source. Go to, click the Facebook icon, then click the “Like” button next to the name Community of Christ on our fan page.

March 6: World Hunger Emphasis
March 9: Ash Wednesday
April 6: Anniversary of the church's 1830 organization and 1860 reorganization
April 10: President's Annual Address
April 17: Palm/Passion Sunday
April 21: Maundy Thursday
April 22: Good Friday - International Headquarters offices closed
April 24: Easter
May 9–12: International Leadership Council meets
May 16–20: Seminary Focus Session
May 30: International Headquarters offices closed - Memorial Day (USA)

Daily Prayer for Peace—A brief worship service is held daily at 1:00 p.m. central time at the Temple. Join us in prayer from wherever you are. For details and the text of each day’s prayer, visit

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