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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly Wire For March 30, 2011

We have two  F.L.O.W. weekends coming up in BC! 

F.L.O.W. stands for


Everyone is welcome at these fun filled weekend events.  Please let Janine or Ed know if you plan to attend.

Chilliwack April 15-17th, contact Pastor Janine McCully for more information

Chilliwack FLOW Team

Darrell Belrose, Nancy Panting, Rick Nigg, Shae Coltman, Nicole Boote, Caitlin Ball, Bonnie Cartier

darrellNancy JRick croppedShae Coltman image Caitlin Ball     Bonnie Cartiercrop


Meadow Ridge May 12-17, contact Pastor Ed Salahub for more information

Meadow Ridge FLOW Team

Darrell Belrose, Nancy Panting, Rick Nigg, Natalie Ball, Tracy Henry, Nicole Boote, Kris Judd, Bonnie Levitt

darrellNancy JRick croppedimage image image 

pie in face  Bonnie Levitt


“Arts on the Lake” at Hills of Peace is pleased to announce our guest ministry will be Joey Williams!  Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to celebrate your talents with a true inspiration…Joey Williams.

Youth Rally 2010 - One Day Joey

Meet Joey Williams

Can you count to four? Can you clap? Can you clap while you count to four? Well, Joey Williams has loved doing this since he was four! When Joey isn’t teaching French at the local university, catering a wedding (check out his website at, eating or traveling to exotic places, he spends his time discovering all the ways the human body can make NOIZ (yes, all the ways). NOIZ is made when people come together, experiment with and develop varieties of the most essential aspect of life—rhythm. Life is impossible without it, a fact to which our hearts are a testament. Joey has led groups in rhythmic, vocal and various musical exercises and routines in more than 4 continents. His motto is: Make NOIZ!

 conference buckets

Joey has worked for the Community of Christ for over 13 years, ten of which he served as a youth minister specializing in youth and young adult ministry. He currently works in French translations at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. He also speaks a few other languages and has written skills in Canadian, a speciality of his that he acquired while working at the Centre for behaviour studies in Vancouver (that doesn’t exist, nor is any of it true, but he wanted to spell “speciality, centre, and behavior” in a funny way)! He can’t WAIT to spend time with you, explore your gifts and potential, and of course make NOIZ!!!

Register Now!

A celebration of all fine arts May 27th to 29th

Bring your musical instruments, you voice, your talent or simply your desire to express yourself. Many different styles of fine arts will be explored and you’ll have the opportunity to attend different classes.

Confirmed classes so far!

Desserts – Joey Williams (yup, he does that too)

Guitar beginner– Rick Nigg

Reike – Darrell Belrose

Guitar advanced – Rick Nigg

Yoga – Vickie MacArthur

Wildlife Sketching – Amanda Loucks

Cake Decorating – Tracy Smith

Film class – Matt Levitt

Stomp – Joey Williams

Stomp with chanting – Joey and Vickie

Gospel or Jazz Choir – Joey Williams

Check us out on facebook or to register email 


          Join us for Canada West Mission Conference

September 2-4 in Vancouver

Our Saturday night Gala Event will be a Mexican Fiesta!


We’ll have great music, great food (no Taco Bell here), a Piñata for the kids and mucho mas!

Stay tuned for more details.


Canada West Mission Center Camping Guide

Looking for more information on your favorite camps and retreats?  You’ve come to the right place.  Click here to see the detailed CWM Camping Guide


Samish Camping back HOP Camping back


Have a great week everyone!


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