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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Weekly Wire for November 9, 2010

New Assignments in the Canada West Mission Center

Commencing January 1, 2011 the following changes will take place in the Canada West Mission Center.

President and Financial Officer – Greg Goheen

Missionary Coordinator – Darrell Belrose

SusanSkoor darrell  Greg

See the video message  from Apostle Susan Skoor, Darrell Belrose and Greg Goheen below.

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 Reunion 2010 022

It’s here!

The Canada West Teen Newsletter  read it and pass it on to every teen you know!






Ken McGowanKen McGowan to visit Vancouver and Chilliwack

World Church minister, Ken McGowan CFP, of Estate and Financial Planning, will be visiting Vancouver and Chilliwack November 19th to 22nd 2010. Ken will present "Estate Planning for Canadians", a practical, hands on presentation with valuable ideas and suggestions. The presentation, at no cost to the congregations, will be presented at the Chilliwack Congregation November 20th @ 2 PM and at the Vancouver Congregation November 21st @ 2:30PM.

Senior High Youth Retreat

7 PM on Friday, November 12th,
to Noon on Sunday, November 14th, 2010
Samish Island Campgrounds, Bow, WA
For Boys & Girls Currently In The 9th to 12th Grades
Guest Ministry:
Christie Ostendorp
Community of Christ
Minister with emphasis
on Youth Ministries
“...Listen to the Voice, for it cannot be
stilled, and it calls you once again to
the great and marvelous work of
building the peaceable kingdom…”
- Doctrine & Covenants 163:1b
Register online at
or obtain a registration form to mail in at
Questions / Comments: Contact Sean Langdon, Director,
at 425-293-6366 /


High Priest - Evangelist Retreat

Mark your calendars, Wim van Klinken and Larry Norris will be guest ministers  for the High Priest - Evangelist Retreat in Edmonton Alberta, March 4,5,6, 2011.

Fall Music Writing Contest

This contest is really exciting because absolutely anyone can enter – and I hope you all do. (Like how about this week?) 

Reunion 2010 002 Brian Gibson, the multi talented musician, writer and mentor to so many of us, has generously donated one of his original music pieces.  All you have to do is add the lyrics. 

Here is the sheet music:

 Canada West Mission Song Contest 1


Here is a link to the recorded music click on “song competition band track”.

And here is how the contest will work:

All music will be submitted to me and given an anonymous file number before it is passed on to Brian Gibson. Brian will then choose the lyric which he feels best expresses his music. 


The winning lyric will be sung and recorded at a professional studio!

And don’t forget about our other contest…

Calling all musicians … do you have a knack for plunking out your own catchy tune on the piano, plucking some original sounds on the strings or working the music on any other instrument?  We’re   looking for a new music bed for  our weekly video teaser.  The music must be original, should be 45- 60 seconds in length and recorded in a professional or semi professional studio.   

Tip - Most high  schools have great studios these days.  Remember this is a backtrack so a voice must be heard over top of it. 

Have fun with it, all styles are welcome from Rock to New Age  to Jazz.

Send me your samples in MP3 format to

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes          

CofC Jacket

But wait…we wouldn’t ask you to enter these contests just for the glory would we?  Well the glory is pretty great, but so are these nifty jackets the winner of each contest will receive!


This high quality jacket will quickly become your favorite and will wear well for years to come. Soft micro-fiber exterior is a cream/taupe color with navy accents. The name Community of Christ is embroidered in navy blue on the left front.





Rachel Smalldon Article


Rachelle Smalldon from the Edmonton Congregation recently contributed to the Community of Christ Young Adult Ministries e-Newsletter.


She is currently serving as a full-time minister for the Community of Christ in Melbourne, Australia focused on youth/young adult ministries.


Click here to read her article






World Church Piano Club


Our mission is to inspire and help train competent pianists so they can serve as worship leaders at the piano.  The club will provide arrangements of hymns which are playable by pianists of any age with limited piano skills.
To do these tasks we publish a four page newsletter, Piano Club Notes, every other month. Each issue of Notes focuses on a hymn. Arrangements of the hymn are provided for five different playing levels. Youth and adult members choose which levels they want to receive.



Other activities of the club include Piano Club recitals at World Conference.  Jurisdictions are encouraged to hold their own Piano Club recitals and plan other activities.

Membership is available to children and youth, adults who join as adult associates, or families.

We invite you to join us if you are a pianist of any degree of accomplishment, if you are a piano student, if you are a pastor or music director who wishes to encourage potential musicians, if you are a parent, other relative or friend of a young pianist, or if you are just interested in our goals.

For more information about the Piano Club, email Jerie Gail Ramsey.

Playing club application


Dear Encounter Supporters,

Just a reminder that the Media page under the Resources tab on Encounter’s website is continually updated with stories, videos, and news articles that we’re sure you’ll find interesting. Some recent Media postings include:

  • The re-discovery of the only known WWI Sikh Canadian soldier’s grave in Canada – fitting for upcoming Remembrance Day.
  • An interview with an American convert to Islam.
  • News that Obama will not visit the Sikh Golden Temple while in India because aids felt that pictures of him with head covering would fuel opponents’ claims that he is Muslim.
  • How immigration is making Canada more religious.
  • A two minute video that uses a world map showing the growth and spread of major world religions – 5000 years in 120 seconds. Colors representing different religions spread and shrink across the map as the video progresses through the centuries. Fascinating! Students will love it!

You’ll find this and much more on Encounter’s Media page. To jump instantly to these remarkable resources click here:

Once you’re on our website, check out other items like Overviews (1 or 2 page summaries of 21 religions), Photo Galleries…and, of course, information about Encounter’s extraordinary week-long July Experience held at the University of Toronto.

Bookmark Encounter as one of your favorites and revisit us often – there’s always something nifty and new.


The mission of SPECTACULAR is to create a safe, Christ-centered community that encourages young women and men to discover God, their inherent worth, and cultivate and express their giftedness.

July 21 to August 1, 2011.  SPEC Pre-registration information here

World Accord 30th Birthday Presentation


Help build 3 schools! Check out the presentation to see how you can donate.

See the presentation here

       World Accord Website

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