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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Canada West Mission Announcements for September 1st


Our Summer Contests are about to wrap up

The final deadline for entries is today, September 1st.  Send me your catchiest new name and your solution to the clues by midnight tonight Pacific Standard Time!

Contest #1

Sign up for the CWM announcements. That’s it. Anyone who receives the CWM Announcements will be entered into a draw for a pair of Blue C of C Coffee Mugs. If you’re already on the list, you’re already entered to win!

Blue Coffee Mug Blue Coffee Mug

Contest #2

Find the hidden clues in the CWM Announcements. Each week we’ll hide a different clue in the announcements. Put the clues together to figure out the mystery phrase and submit your answer. All winning answers received by August 28th will be entered into a draw for the coveted C of C stainless steel water bottle! *** clue solving tip – the letters may or may not go together!

Stainless Steel Water bottle

Contest #3

Re-name the CWM Announcements. We’re looking for something new, creative, fresh and exciting. Our panel of judges will select the winner. Not only will the winning submission become the new name of the CWM Announcements, but you’ll also receive the fabulous C of C Campfire blanket in its own travel case!

Campfire Blanket


New Life Events are posted, click here to see them…LIFE EVENTS


Canada West Mission Conference in Calgary is coming up fast….September 3-5!

 super tight bible Did you know:

-if you’re not a delegate you should register soon to

-Susan Skoor, Danny Belrose, and Kris Judd are our guest Ministry

-billeting is available by contacting Mary Jean Belrose at

-if you’re a delegate and you won’t be able to attend you should let me – Debra – know!

Click here to see our poster and here to get all the other information!

New business for Mission Conference Business Meeting

Resolution for Canada West Mission Conference, 2010 click here to read the

new resolution.

Are you a student or do you have a student attending University out of town?  

Let us know at the Canada West Mission Center so that we can ensure the local Pastor knows how to get in touch for special events and services! Send your information to debra@communityofchrist.caUniversity Students


 Canada West  Mission Center has numerous copies of the pre-baptismal materials available at the office for your ordering requests.  

They are entitled: IMG_1768a

Of Water and Spirit (for youth/teens)

Of Water and Spirit (for children)

Members Guide in Community of Christ (for adults)

Reflections on the Journey (for adults)

Contact to order.

World Accord logo The government will match donations to World Accord the same way as they did with the Haiti earthquake.  If you give us a donation, we give the government a total of our donations.  They then match that amount into a pool that goes to the larger relief agencies.

Here’s how to donate to World Accord’s Pakistan Flood Relief Fund.

1. Online

a) Go to:

b) Enter the amount of your donation, frequency, and choose Pakistan Flood Relief Fund in the space for Fund Designation.

c) Select “Check Out.” You will be taken to a section that asks for your Personal Information.  This is needed to provide tax receipts. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and choose Continue.

d) You will be taken to the Credit Card Information section.

e) After filling out the credit card information, you will be taken to page where can verify/change the information on your donation.  Choose Submit.

2. Telephone

Donate using your credit card by calling World Accord’s toll free line: 1-800-525-3545

3. Regular Mail

Mail a cheque with the amount of your donation to the address below.  Please include: Pakistan Flood Relief in the subject line.

World Accord

1C-185 Frobisher Dr.

Waterloo, Ontario,

N2V 2E6


Dates Announced for President's Annual Address

Mark your calendar for the president’s 2011 and 2012 annual addresses to the church. During special worship services at the Temple in Independence, Missouri, Prophet-President Stephen M. Veazey will talk about critical issues and opportunities facing our worldwide church as we pursue God’s mission.  Upcoming addresses will be on the following dates:

  • Sunday, April 10, 2011, at 6 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 15, 2012, at 6 p.m.

All who can attend in person are encouraged to come to the Temple.  These services will also be webcast at in English, French, and Spanish.

Click here to read the 10-Minute News Report

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