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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CWM Announcements for August 4, 2010


83298537JR065_Barack_Obama_I’d like to welcome all of the new people who are receiving our Canada West Mission Announcements.  Thanks for coming on board and I hope you participate in our contests listed below. 

Suggestions are coming in fast and furious to re-name the Canada West Mission Announcements don’t delay, send your suggestion soon to


super tight bible

Canada West Mission Conference takes place September 3-5th!  Click here to see the poster and here to see all the information for guest ministry, billeting and registration. See you there!





New life events are posted here.

Kid pictures…just because…

IMG_1460  Reunion 2010 012

Three Community of Christ Summer Contests – Three Ways to win!

Contest #1

Sign up for the CWM announcements. That’s it. Anyone who receives the CWM Announcements will be entered into a draw for a pair of Blue C of C Coffee Mugs. If you’re already on the list, you’re already entered to win!

Blue Coffee Mug Blue Coffee Mug

Contest #2

Find the hidden clues in the CWM Announcements. Each week we’ll hide a different clue in the announcements. Put the clues together to figure out the mystery phrase and submit your answer. All winning answers received by August 28th will be entered into a draw for the coveted C of C stainless steel water bottle! *** clue solving tip – the letters may or may not go together!


Stainless Steel Water bottle

Contest #3

Re-name the CWM Announcements. We’re looking for something new, creative, fresh and exciting. Our panel of judges will select the winner. Not only will the winning submission become the new name of the CWM Announcements, but you’ll also receive the fabulous C of C Campfire blanket in its own travel case!

Campfire Blanket


Go to the website and click on the box to see the video from July 20th of our Summer Contests.

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