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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

2018 Mission Conference Special

2018 Canada West Mission Conference

Peace is possible PNG

We’ve put together an information and resource package from the 2018 Canada West Mission Conference. You’ll find:


Links to class sessions 

Thank you letter

Follow this link for our Live Stream Results 

Follow this link 2018 CWM Conference to see:

2019 World Conference Information

Business Meeting Items

Conference Weekend Info including our Program

Poll Everywhere – our online polling system info

Class session slides

Photobooth Pictures

You just might feel like you were there!

Friday August 31st


Program coverschedule

Click below to see:

 The welcome from MCP Steve Thompson, greeting from President Steve Veazey and John Hamer and Art Smith class session, Mission Strategy.

Mission Strategy

A talk about our Canadian 3/3 Strategy for mission focused on (1) Congregations in Mission, (2) Creating Connections, and (3) New Expressions.

Steve Thompson_veazey-steveJohn HamerSmith-Art2016[1]


Saturday September 1st

Click below to see the

Prayer for Peace with Susan and Ryan Levitt

Below: Business Meeting Saturday



     Click below to see the class session: 

World Conference 2019 with President Steve Veazey

This class provided an overview of the 2019 World Conference with an emphasis on several major resolutions to be considered at the conference.


Click below to see the class session:

Common Consent with Apostle Art Smith

Looking forward to World Conference 2019. What to expect? Let’s participate in the common consent process.


Click below to see the class session:

Media Outreach and Exposure Marketing

with Parker Johnson and John Hamer

Expand your reach and effectiveness! Learn more about what online tools and resources are available to congregations.

IMG_7548John Hamer

Saturday Night Photobooth Fun!

Follow this link 2018 CWM Conference to see all photobooth pics!


  Fun with Dan Esch and President Steve Veazey

…and Steve Thompson, Art Smith and Lisa Neudorf!


We asked President Steve Veazey to answer a series of questions, then gave the same questions to Apostle Art Smith, Mission Centre President Steve Veazey, and Camping and Retreat Specialist Lisa Neudorf.  The audience had to match the response to the person.


Someone’s responses were quite lengthy (MCP)


Sunday September 2nd

Click below to see the

Prayer for Peace with Marilyn Smith


Click below to see the:

Communion Service

with President Steve Veazey, Mission Centre President Steve Thompson and Regina Pastor Dan Esch

veazey-steveSteve Thompson_Dan Esch

Order of Service

order of service 3



Gloria Stanton honored for 30 years of Priesthood Service

(new title of “High Priest Emeritus”)


Certificate - Gloria


Below, Apostle Art Smith visiting with a child from the neighbourhood.   Eight people from the Regina church neighbourhood came out to our community barbeque lunch on Sunday.

Art Smith visiting with child from the neighbourhood

Click below to see the class session

An Open Discussion with President Steve Veazey

This class was an “open discussion” question, comment, and answer session designed to explore major topics related to the life and mission of the church today.


Click below to see the class session

Peace is Possible – Being Leaven in Populist Times

with Rod Downing

Explore how God’s Good Spirit is calling us in practical terms to nudge the disruptive, divisive dynamics toward the Peaceable Kingdom.

Rod for Newsletter


Click below to see the class session

Plant a Tree!

Attending to the needs of today while building for our future.

with Ken Barrows



Note – the audio was muted for the first minute or so of his chat, and then we had a brief internet outage in the midst of Ken’s presentation.     

Sunday Morning attendance

Peace is possible PNG

Page 1 thank youPage 2 thank youPage 3 thank you

Steve Thompson Mission Centre President

Regina MC Congregation 3

Join us for Mission Conference 2019 in

Edmonton, Alberta

August 30th – September 1st

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