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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Weekly Wire for August 30, 2017

Canada West Mission



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Upcoming Events at a Glance


September 1-3 Canada West Mission Conference – Vancouver BC

September 4 Jan Kraybill Workshop for Presiders and Musicians – Vancouver BC

September 22-24 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

November 3-5 High Priest, Evangelist and Seventy Retreat –Edmonton

*dates subject to change, always check online or here for the most up to date information.

All camping dates are included at the bottom of the Weekly Wire and on the CWM website.


This Week…in the Weekly Wire!


Canada West Mission Conference – register today

Updated Mission Conference Schedule

-message from the cooks

-message from Bill the Jam Man

Jan Kraybill workshop Vancouver - register today

Brandon LeBlanc – Victoria

Norm Olson’s 100th birthday

eLearning Temple School Courses

new registration process

-new classes

Community of Christ App

Shopping on

Links to our Worldwide Ministries website

We want you to ‘like’ our CWM Facebook Page

2017 Camping Dates

Quote of the Week 


Greetings Visitors to Mission Conference in Vancouver
I wish to announce that the Jam Man has plenty of jam stock available in the lower auditorium.  There are over 20 flavours and I am sure there are flavours of jam that will suit your taste. The funds collected go to support our Samish Island Camp Grounds in Bow Washington.
The price list is posted on the bulletin board.

Bill Thederahn's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

Bill the Jam Man


Samish Island Campground Job Opening


Samish Island Campground has an opening for the Food Service Manager/Caretaker.  If you have US or dual citizenship and are interested, go to the Camp Samish website.


Norm Olson’s

100th birthday celebration


Hello everyone,

As you all know, Norm Olson will be celebrating his 100th birthday this September. There is a party at the Victoria church on September 10th.

Through the course of his life he has made countless memories with his family and friends. As a gift, I would like to collect some of these memories and put them together in an album - 100 memories for 100 years. In order to complete this project, I need your help in two ways:

1.  If you have a memory that you would like to contribute, please email them to me @ If you have a picture to include with your memory, that would be great!

2. Please pass this message on! Norm has many friends and family members, and I would like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to contribute their memories.

Thank you for your help!

Kelly DuffKelly_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thumb


Men’s Retreat - Hills of Peace

September 22-24

Although I consider myself quite proficient at math, I am a bit less confident when dealing with anniversaries (fill in your own life experience or joke, whichever is easier) so I am relatively confident we started men’s retreat back in 2006. I can name most of the guest ministers and I can tell you that Jae Senga and Gregg Lester are the only two men to have attended all of the weekends. From the get-go we kept it simple. Pick a weekend; the 4th one in September. Pick a format; a few classes, some free time, some spiritual stuff. Pick an eating frequency; often. Pick a guest minister; somebody from away. Just to show you that I like to mix things up, this year our guest minister has been found in our own back yard (2,906,280 square kilometers so it’s a big yard). Steve Thompson has graciously accepted the invitation to lead us through a weekend focusing on spirituality and technology. Steve has chosen the theme of “At the Table with Christ: Cell phones OFF or ON?”. You should come just to find out the proper etiquette!

By this time you know the drill. We meet at Hills of Peace on a Friday night, September 22. We have a well-planned mixer that challenges at least two thirds of us, no matter what it is (Jae has been planning this one for a year). We eat and eventually hit the hay. Saturday Steve will engage us in several sessions (whose titles are a closely guarded secret), we’ll hang out, we’ll eat a lot of pie, we’ll have a camp-fire and play a variety of card games with cut-throat intensity. Sunday we’ll quickly clean up the camp and Steve will be the guest speaker at a communion service and then we head for home.

So you could stay home and do yard work, watch TV, go to church and see the same people you saw last Sunday...It’s not a bad second choice (do not tell the people), but why not get in the car with some male friends and come to Hills of Peace. Like anything legendary has ever happened on a road-trip or at Men’s Retreat.

Remember, Jesus invited a few of his buddies on a road trip and that seemed to turn out pretty well.

Dan EschDan Esch


Mission Conference in Vancouver

It’s time to register for

Mission Conference in Vancouver September 1-3! 

Registration Forms

If you can’t manage the forms on the link above, the cooks and I would appreciate an email with names, children’s ages and special activities you’ll be attending.

Message from the cooks

The Ministry of The Menu

Robert and I are looking forward to being your food hosts this weekend. We are mindful that we serve within the context of a kitchen, the environment, a church and a city.  With that said, here is little of what to expect.

A Kitchen

Nutrition comes first, and we will be serving balanced meals from all the food groups. We will provide both vegetarian and meat based proteins throughout the weekend.  Gluten free, lactose free, options will be available at every meal. If you have complex allergies we trust you to bring what you need to take care of yourself. 

The Environment

We will be using paper plates and/or napkins to serve some of the snacks. Please limit your quantity. We will not use Styrofoam. There will be water/coffee/tea stations out at all times. Please consider bringing your own water bottle and thermal mug (with lid).  We ask that you be mindful of our need to balance one small dishwasher with 150 persons and we will be making our choices as prudently as we can where disposables are used. Pens will be provided so people can reuse products.

A Church

We are thankful for the many generations of cooks, table setters, dishwashers and grace prayers who have come before us. This year we are intentionally inviting youth to step up and learn how to take on these roles. If you normally jump and clear a plate, consider showing a young one to do it with you. Sometimes we wonder why youth aren’t doing jobs…this week end, lets joyfully invite participation of all ages. There are no small tasks, like instigating singing/saying grace before meals or putting the last rack of dishes into the dishwasher…whether you live in Vancouver or not, you are welcome to join us, to make light the tasks and teach a new skill.  We are especially excited to have the Youth Spirit Kitchen class and the Little Spirit Kitchen Class helping with the cooking on Saturday! Don’t forget to register with Debra.

A City

In Vancouver we have neighbors from all over the world. This week end will have three themed meals: 1) on Saturday Night, we taste local Greek flavours and keep our friend “Costa Soupidis” in our ongoing prayers 2) on Sunday we will have an Indian Lunch and experience a connection with the far East, and, 3) for supper, we will have an Old Fashioned Roast Beef Dinner to honor our prairie cousins who made the big trek out west, for both this conference, and generations before to settle in this city.

We look forward to sharing a table with you. Many blessings on your journey.

The Cooks

Lana Cullis  and Robert Peters


Things to Note about this Mission Conference

What to bring to Mission Conference -Water bottle, travel coffee mug

Weather forecast is for sun and between 28 and 30 degrees

Early start on Friday Please note our optional early start time on Friday this year at 4pm. We’ll have games and social time at the church followed dinner at 5:30 pm. 

Monday Workshop with Jan Kraybill Join us on the Monday following Mission Conference for a workshop with Jan Kraybill.  This workshop is designed for presiders and musicians to help you with music in your worship services.  Anyone who plans services or plays music at church will want to attend this workshop.  It takes place from 10:30 to 2:00 on Monday September 4th and includes lunch.  Please register for this with an email to me,

Register It is important you register for Mission Conference as early as possible so we can provide food for everyone and have enough teachers for the children’s classes.  If you have food allergies, please advise us when you register.

Youth and Young Adults There will be a youth off site activity on Friday evening, and a young adult off site activity on Friday night.  Please let me know if you or your children plan to attend either of these so we can provide transportation. 

Hotel I have booked a couple extra rooms in case anyone needs one.  First come first served.

Looking forward to a great Mission Conference,

Debra Donohue

Conference Manager

‘Draw the Circle Wide’ 

(Have you registered yet?)

Registration Forms

send to



Registration Forms

Register today

Billeting - Marilyn Suddaby


George and Sally Glasier’s grandson Brandon LeBlanc


13U Western Championship

Brandon pitched the whole game in the final Western Tournament held in Spruce Grove, AB on Sunday. Brandon hit a home run and got MVP for this game.  He's had quite the Baseball season!  Brandon was picked up by the Abbotsford, BC team as his own team did not make the finals.


Introduction to Scripture

Ministry of the Disciple

New Online Classes Available for Registration

Do you want or need to take one of the Ministry and Priesthood classes, but live classes don’t fit your schedule or they’re too far away? Canada East and Canada West Mission Centre’s announce our next elearning Temple School classes:

  • Introduction to Scripture - (Class required for all new ordinands) This class, taught via video by Tony and Charmaine Chvala-Smith, helps students understand responsible scripture use and exegesis. Note:  This class requires access to a library with bible commentaries and reference sources.   
  • Ministry of the Disciple - This class explores discipleship in Community of Christ and explores the mission, message, and beliefs of the church.
    • Dates:  October 7 – December 2 – Classes cover a chapter per week – students can work on readings and assignments ANYTIME Saturday through Thursday each week!  This schedule will make allowance for time off during both the Canadian and USA Thanksgiving. 
    • Registration open now through October 7 – first come, first served, limit of 25 per class.
      • Register now on the Developmetrics web site (make sure you use the Canadian form)
      • Class fee is $20 per student which includes a PDF copy of the class. Follow instructions for payment to your mission centre on the Developmetrics web site.

The week following class conclusion, students will receive a PDF certificate and Temple School Credit in Shelby.


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Canada West Camping and Event Calendar


September 1-3 Canada West Mission Conference – Vancouver BC

September 4 Jan Kraybill Workshop – Vancouver BC

September 22-24 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

November 3-5 High Priest, Evangelist and Seventy Retreat –Edmonton

Dates are subject to change, please register early to avoid cancellation of your event.


Quote of the Week

It’s amazing what we can accomplish

when we’re in it together!

(come to Mission Conference and Draw the Circle Wide)

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