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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Canada West Mission Conference 2015


Dream BiG!

Thank You Saskatoon!


A heartfelt thank you to the Saskatoon Congregation, co-pastors Lloyd Chase and Corleen McLean, and especially Brenda Senga for her tireless work and effervescent smile.

Mission Conference Group Photo

MC 2015 Group photo

My apologies to those of you who we don’t have photos of…next year we need to have an official photographer.  Hope you enjoy what we do have here.


Sharman Woynarski led us in our morning spiritual practices


Prince Albert let the Saturday Morning Worship


Kerry Richards Revitalization Ministry


Below is the tribute slideshow to those who had passed away in the last year.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Follow these links to :

Our Mission Conference Program

Business Meeting Minutes

2016 Budget

2014 Income and Expense

2014 Statement of Financial Position

2016 World Conference Resolution – Item 7A

2016 World Conference Resolution – Item 7B


Peace and Justice with Rod Downing


Saturday Night Gala

Yup…we had a Christmas party!  Dinner was awesome, Marilyn Smith led the Christmas Carols, and even Santa showed up!


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Our Saturday night concert with Juno award winning artist Brian ‘BC’ Read.20150905_195457


Here is the link to our Community of Christ facebook page to see the video of Brian “BC” Read from the Saturday night concert.

Some of this video is a little fuzzy, but you’ll love the music.

Communion Service

Apostle Art Smith




Goofy Group

…and of course we need to finish with our goofy photo!

See you next year for Canada West Mission Conference 2016 in Ribstone Alberta

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