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Friday, May 22, 2015



We want to invite you to a unique opportunity to be a part of guiding the future of the Community of Christ in western Canada. Canada West Mission is investing in a year-long project involving individuals 18-30(ish). The purpose of the project is for us all to have an opportunity to come together, share our uncensored ideas, opinions, and dreams regarding our involvement and the future of the church here in our area.

Here’s how it will work:

WHAT: Over the next year this project will be facilitated by Rachelle Smalldon of Steer Empowerment Consulting, a company specializing in work with emerging leaders and community building processes. Rachelle, Caitlin Ball, and Canada West Mission leadership will collaborate throughout the year to direct the process.

HOW: We will have a number of opportunities to get together in-person (retreats and events) to engage in reflection, discussion and visioning about our own involvement in the church and its programs. In between these events we will continue to dialogue with each other in online forums that will allow us to continually reflect and move our conversation forward.

The final retreat, in Spring 2016, will allow us to meet with other congregation and Mission Centre leaders to communicate our ideas, vision and goals, and work together on determining action steps into the future.

WHO: This is for anyone 18-30(ish) who is at any level of involvement within the Community of Christ and wants to be a part of creating a positive future within this community! Even if you are not actively involved now, but would like to be, this is for you! If you are between 30 and 35 you can fall into the (ish) category.

WHEN AND WHERE: The first retreat is happening SOON! June 12-14, 2015 at the Hills of Peace Campgrounds. This is an important event to be present at, as we need to hear all different voices to create a unified plan that embodies all our diverse perspectives. At this first retreat we will also schedule a Fall/Winter retreat and establish our communication plan for dialogue between events.

Childcare will be provided at all retreats and there is financial assistance for those who could use some help getting there. If you make the time - we will make sure you get there! Don’t let childcare or money stop you from coming.

WHY? Because this community is important to us. You are important to us. We want to ensure the Community of Christ, in whatever way it impacts your life, remains a relevant and inspiring community that you feel you belong. We want to continue to build this community together.

This is the perfect chance for us to determine and communicate our vision for the church, and be an active part in the direction it takes. A key part of this initiative will be creating and following through on goals and action steps into the future. We need YOU there and hope you will join us in building the Christ-like community you’ve dreamed of!

To RSVP to the June retreat, go to our Facebook Event:

Caitlin and Rachelle

For more information or any questions, please contact:
Rachelle Smalldon at or Caitlin Ball at

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