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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Wire for June 4, 2014



Upcoming Events at a glance

June 6-8 Adult Spiritual Retreat Hills of Peace

June 13-15  Young Adult Retreat Hills of Peace

June 7 Samish Island Work Day

June 7-13 Adult Reunion Samish Island

June 14-15 Ribstone Enrichment Weekend

June 29- July 5  NW Singles Reunion Samish Island

June 30-July 5 Canada West Youth Camp Hills of Peace

*dates subject to change, always check online or here for the most up to date information


This Week…in the Weekly Wire!

Peace and Justice Newsletter

BC Samish Reunion

Canada West Youth Camp Hills of Peace

Ribstone Enrichment Weekend

Chilliwack Family Day Picnic

Junior Camp Hills of Peace

Spiritual Retreat Hills of Peace

2014 Camps, Retreats and Reunions info

HOP Family Reunion

Singles Reunion Samish Island

Singles Retreat Lewis River, Washington

Youth Worker Registration Form

Caretakers for HOP

Quote of the Week


Register Today!

Samish Island Family Reunion

July 12 – 19

New Picture

Special Food Requirements


Your cooks have been working hard and the reunion menu is planned. In order to accommodate food allergies & dietary restrictions, we need to hear from you.

We want you to enjoy your meals, so if you even think you will be coming, please let us know so we can order appropriately.  We need to adjust the food order by June 12th so it can go to Jennifer for shopping.

Thanks Shonnet and Shellley



Click here to read the May edition of the

 What’s Up…In the CWM

online and in full color.



It’s time to RSVP for Mission Conference

in Chilliwack BC, August 29 – 31



Junior Camp Hills of Peace

July 10-14



Spiritual Retreat Hills of Peace


Register with Denise Esch at and 306-949-1470.

Please register by May 31st, so the cooks can purchase enough food.


Young Adult Retreat Hills of Peace

June 13-15


Hills of Peace Friday, June 13 – 6:30 pm to Sunday, June 15 – noon

Guest Minister: Alfredo Zelaya-Martinez from Canada East


Alfredo is a pastor for the GTA West congregation and works with the Canada East Mission Centre (CEM) of Community of Christ. He is an active participant in all types of sports and enjoys both summer and winter camping expeditions. Using his native language, Spanish, Alfredo has joined World Accord as a translator and group leader for projects in Honduras. His first love however, is directing the Sr. High Camp Community program of CEM.

Alfredo’s personal motto is “get busy living….”

Our Theme

I’m a Christian Young Adult … now what?

We’ve grown up in the church but what is the next step? What does worship and participation look like for young adults? How do we reinvent our understanding of God and Christ-like community for today’s young adults?

The Young Adult Retreat is an opportunity for YOU to re-experience camp at Hills of Peace. There will be plenty of time to reconnect with old friends, cultivate new ones, fellowship, discuss our role in the church community and eat awesome food.

Participants, 19 – 27 years must have “aged out” of the youth programs in order to attend (you are no longer eligible for Sr High Camp, SPEC, etc.)

Director: Caitlin Ball or 403-836-8181

Registration by June 6 would be appreciated.


Ribstone Enrichment Weekend



Canada West Youth Camp

June 30-July 5

Hills of Peace

If you or someone you know would love to come to camp – be sure to let us know! This camp is for those completed grades 7-12. 2014 Directors are Tyler Baines and Rachelle Smalldon.

Ages 18 and older are invited to come as leaders in training or staff! We really need your help on staff for this youth camp (particularly males)! If you can come – contact Rachelle Smalldon at

If you can't come personally, but would like to donate funds (either individually or as a congregation) so we can bring in other staff so our youth camp can be successful, that is also very helpful! Just contact Rachelle Smalldon ( to coordinate donations!

Hope to hear from you!

Thanks Rachelle!


Chilliwack Family Day Picnic!

Sunday June 22nd



Click on the link below to get info on all of our

CWM Camps, Retreats and Reunions

Don’t forget to register early!



HOP Family Reunion

July 5-10



Samish Island Singles Reunion

June 29- July 5


We have an EXCITING opportunity to nurture and provide healing ministry in the newly revitalized SINGLES MINISTRY this summer at SAMISH ISLAND.  Our Theme is "REENERGIZE, REVITALIZE & REVJUVENATE as we CREATE SHALOM at SAMISH ISLAND".  We are honored to invite folks from Canada and the United States to celebrate together as we enjoy the ministry of High Priest Denise Leichter from Southern California. 

We invite applicants for HEAD COOK to contact Directors Tom and Susan Webber

at 253-370-8840 or for details. 

Recipes and grocery lists available.


Youth Worker Registration Form

We need YOU!



Live at Hills of Peace!

Caretaker Job Opportunity


The Caretaker of the Hills of Peace Campground is responsible for maintaining the grounds, buildings, and services of the Hills of Peace Campground in a safe and attractive condition for the benefit of all users. For a complete list of duties, go to Caretaker Job Opportunity. Accommodations, utilities and a small remuneration are included.

Please send your application to Courtney Znak at


Peace and Justice  --  Human Rights

May 31, 2014

Welcome to this issue from the “In The Forefront” mailing list.  To alter your profile, follow the steps at the end, where your profile is listed. 

This issue deals firstly with the widely publicized case of a pregnant Sudanese women sentenced to death [please note this newsletter was delayed to get the latest action].  Secondly this newsletter provides an update action to last year’s Bangladeshi factory collapse.

The blog associated with this newsletter is at:  Feel free to comment on any topic.

Pour la traduction française: cliqueter ici; et cliqueter alors le bouton de traduction sur la page Web.
Para la traducción española: clic aquí; y entonces hace clic en el botón de traducción en la página web.


A Sudanese court has sentenced a pregnant woman, Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, to hang for apostasy after she married a Christian man.  The death sentence would be carried out two years after she gives birth.  In addition she will receive 100 lashes for adultery (her marriage is not deemed valid) once she has recovered from giving birth.  Amnesty International has created a petition to protest against this horrible violation of human rights.  Amnesty considers Mariam to be a prisoner of conscience (violates freedom of thought, conscience and religion), her flogging to be torture, and is against the death penalty.

[Update: May 27: Mariam gave birth to a baby girl, Maya]

[Breaking News: May 31: Sudan’s Foreign Ministry has announced that the case will be repealed.  Thus the original action here has been removed (just before I was to send this newsletter).  But because this came from the Foreign Ministry and not the court itself, the spotlight should remain until Mariam is actually freed and all charges have been repealed.  Thus I delayed this email until I found the following replacement action.

Take Action:
Keep Pressure on Sudan - Demand Mariam be Freed!

Sudan: Pregnant woman faces death for apostasy   [BBC]
Sudan's twisted history of using religion   [Al Jazeera]

Darfur and thus Sudan have been part of this newsletter’s longitudinal study.  We know how the political power remains an influx, multi-voiced dynamic (which has also been labelled, dysfunctional;  see: Current Status  [UntilAll]).  But it is unknown whether this incident bubbled up from obscurity or became a useful distraction.


Last year's massive building collapse in Bangladesh killed over 1,100 people and injured countless others.  After a global protest, the corporations that profited from this tragedy were to pay into a $40 million fund to be collected by the International Labour Organization.

But one year later, less than half the money has been donated — and 15 retailers, including Ascena (Lane Bryant), JCPenney, and Benetton, are refusing to pay up.  Worse, very little has changed within Bangladesh.  Survivors and their families are still struggling, and little has been done to affect long-term change.  Thus consider the action below to demand that these retailers uphold their obligation to the Bangladeshi workers now!

Take Action:
Tell Companies to Keep Promise and Donate to Fund   []


SYRIA: Latest UN Report

A recent UN report has summarized the extent of the ongoing, four year-old tragedy in Syria.  Almost two-thirds of Syria's population suffers from extreme poverty because of the civil war, calling it “catastrophic”.  Over 150,000 people have been killed.  Nearly 50% of Syria's labor force is unemployed, and the country's gross domestic product has shrunk by an estimated 40% since 2011. Losses from damage are estimated at $143.8 billion.  Full details:
UN Report on Syria   [Reuters]

MALI: Violence Flares

This newsletter originally noted the unrest that was occurring in Mali, and later, highlighted the issue of Mali’s coup in 2012.  Since then France came in to overtake the northern area held by the Tuareg rebels.  France remains concerned about Islamist strongholds.  In the past few days there has been further fighting, whereby Tuareg separatists repulsed an attempt by Mali's army to take control of their stronghold of Kidal.  A ceasefire has been agreed to, for now.  The point of this update is to note that as long as underlying issues remain unresolved, violence will remain near the surface.
Latest fighting   [Reuters]
Refugees divided on future of northern Mail   [IRIN]


When is civil society a force for social transformation?

The cluster that is called civil society, particularly though not exclusively in terms of number of charitable originations, has grown enormously for the last few decades.  The following essay probes the dynamics and asks why there is not a similar reduction in the social ills they try to address.  The essay even suggests there has even been a less positive impact than before.  The author offers two primary reasons.
Civil Society and Social Transformation   [openDemocracy]

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In appreciation and support,
  Rod Downing


Canada West Camping and Event Calendar 2014

June 6-8 Adult Spiritual Retreat Hills of Peace

June 13-15  Young Adult Retreat Hills of Peace

June 7 Samish Island Work Day

June 7-13 Adult Reunion Samish Island

June 14-15 Ribstone Enrichment Weekend

June 29- July 5  NW Singles Reunion Samish Island

June 30-July 5 Canada West Youth Camp

July 5-10 Family Reunion Hills of Peace

July 10-14 Junior Camp (8-12 yrs) Hills of Peace

July 12-19 Family Reunion Samish Island

July 15-18 International Youth Forum Independence Mo

July 19-26 Spectacular Graceland University

July 20-26 Camp Kluane (girls 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

July 27-Aug 2 Camp Chimacum (boys 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

August 8-10 Young Family Weekend Hills of Peace- Postponed until next year

August 3-9 Camp Kimtah (15-18 yrs) Samish Island

August 10-16 Camp Mungai (10-11 yrs) Samish Island

August 29-31 Canada West Mission Conference Chilliwack BC

September 26-28 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

September 26-28 Singles’ Retreat Samish Island

October 3-5 Nurturing Spirit Weekend Saskatoon

October 24-26 Peace Colloquy Independence, Missouri

October 17-19 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island


~We have two ears and one mouth

so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.~


Greek Philosopher


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