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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekly Wire for September 12, 2012

Upcoming Events at a Glance

September 28-30 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

September 28-30 Singles’ Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Women's Retreat Chilliwack

For more information on these events, scroll down or go to our website!


Men’s Retreat – Hills of Peace

September 28-30

Register now!


If you can answer the following two questions with a “Yes”, then you have won a valuable prize.  A) Are you male ?    B) Are you 14 years of age or older ?

Congratulations on winning- because we all like to win. You can claim your gift at Hills of Peace on the weekend of September 28. And as long as you’re out there, then why not attend the 7th annual Western Canada Mission Center Men’s Retreat. For those who have attended in the past, you know that we have never run out food (especially pie), we have the best campfire, we do NOT ring the bell to get your attention, and we have great guest ministry (this year it’s Poul Wilson from Independence). For those of you who haven’t given up a weekend to be with 40 other guys from across the mission center – then take a chance ! I know some of you might be worried, but it’s not like you haven’t wasted other weekends of your life. Chances are somebody from your congregation has attended so ask them if you are looking to get confirmation about what a good weekend this is.

This year our theme is “Band of Brothers”, loosely affiliated with the show that was on HBO (I’m not looking to get sued). I say loosely, because it’s not a war weekend, but it could be about a group of guys randomly brought together who make a difference and in the process share in a time so great, that all they have to do is say, “Do you remember the campfire...”. Lots of people work hard at making this weekend a chance to hang out, share in the Spirit, and result in a net weight gain.


I have had a few people register, but I need a more solid number to give the cooks so we can have more than enough food. Therefore I have made the registration process so simple, I could do it. Send me an e-mail at or call me at 306-949-1470 and tell me you are coming. If you are bringing a carload, then let me know that too. Don’t put this off – it’s not income tax filing, anniversary present shopping, or paying that parking ticket.

Any questions (except to help with the first two) feel free to contact me. We’re going to have a great time, so you might as well be there.

Dan Esch


Mission Conference in Regina

More Photos!

Mission Conference Group 2012P1020956P1020959P1020971P1020978P1020981P1020984P1030002P1030003P1030004P1030014P1030018P1030019P1030015photo

Be sure to join us next year in Edmonton

where we’ll be ‘Keeping it Real’

August 30 – September 1st 2013



What’s up in Calgary

Calgary Church

Mark Your Calendars

The Calgary Congregation is Celebrating 100 years!

The Calgary congregation turns 100 years in September, and we're planning a weekend celebration event.

On Saturday, September 22 at 5:30 pm we're having a roast beef dinner, followed by a fellowship and sharing evening starting at 7:30 pm. We are looking for items such as old photographs, artifacts, memorabilia, old bulletins and posters. Doug Hayden is collecting these items for our Saturday evening event, Down Memory Lane.

On Sunday, September 23, Bud Sheehy is our guest speaker for our Sunday service. A potluck lunch will follow the 11 o'clock service,

We invite past Calgary members to come and share their stories and reminisce with us. The weekend event is for everyone, and we look forward to seeing you.

Sept 23: 100 Years - The Mission Matter's Most Guest Speaker: Bud Sheehey

Sept 30: Experience Congregations in Mission Guest Speaker: Bob Hodgson

Oct 7: Invite Others to Christ Guest Speaker: Jim Doty

Oct 14: Developing Disciples' to Serve Guest Speaker: Danny Belrose

Oct 21: Abolish Poverty and End Suffering Guest Speaker: Art Smith

Oct 38: Pursue Peace Guest Speaker: Announced soon!

More information coming soon!


What’s Up in Vancouver

Vancouver Congregation

*Our Pancake Breakfast with the neighborhood will be Sunday September 23rd at 9:30am. Invite your friends!

for more information contact


Camping Season isn’t over yet!

Click here to see our CWM Camping Guide with full descriptions of our camps, Guest Ministry, Camp Directors and Registrars.



Women’s Retreat

Hi Everyone, below is our poster regarding the Women's Retreat that Chilliwack Community of Christ is hosting in October. Please read the poster, mark the date on your calendar, and plan to attend this weekend. We look forward to a weekend of learning, laughter, worship and friendship.

We would be delighted to see you there!

Pastor Janine



Welcome to the

‘Get God’ Team 2012/13

Natalie_thumb2Meet Natalie Ball

Natalie is a member of the Calgary congregation and is 20 years old. She is currently getting her Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Calgary in the honours program. Natalie is trying to start up a club at the University aimed at supporting and raising awareness for people with hidden, chronic illnesses. Looking forward to hearing more from you Natalie!


Meet Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy is 20 years old and a member of the Edmonton congregation. He’s been attending the University of Alberta for the last two years and he works at the YMCA where he started as a volunteer. Jeremy likes video games, snowboarding, sports and playing guitar. Glad to have you onboard Jeremy!


Meet Danielle Mitchell (Danie)

Danie is a member of the Prince Albert congregation, she’s 17 years old and going into grade 12 this fall. Last year she was chosen to be part of an exchange program in Switzerland for a whole year! Danie considers her biggest academic achievement was writing the German proficiency exam and passing. Willkommen auf dem programm Danie. Welcome to the program Danie!

Good News! We’re still accepting new applications until September 14th.

But hurry if you don’t get your application in by then, you’ll have to wait until next year. Sad smile

Information and Application Forms


What’s Up…In the CWM online


Printed copies of this Newsletter are in the mail and available in your home congregation.

Would you like to contribute to our next edition of

What’s Up…In the CWM?

Send me your articles, prayers, photos, and summaries of

your congregations activities now.

(any activity large or small)

We’d love to hear from you.


Peace and Justice  --  Human Rights

September 2012

Welcome to this issue from the “In The Forefront” ______________________________________________________

Russia recently made headlines when it sentenced members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot to two years in jail. Their crime: staging a nonviolent anti-Putin protest at Moscow's main cathedral.  Since extremism has no legal definition Russia has used its anti-extremism laws as a wide net, rounding up journalists, activists, people of various religious persuasions, etc. 

Many leaders will be gathering this week for the APEC conference.  Human Rights First has a petition to tell US Secretary of State Clinton to stand with those being persecuted by this law and publicly state her opposition to such unjust legal tactics against nonviolent dissent..

Take IMMEDIATE Action (by Sept. 7):



There is no current action on this topic.  And I am out of time, except to say that the humanitarian crisis along the border between North and South Sudan remains appalling.  And the situation in Darfur, which has been in its rainy season with resulting inaccessible areas and flooding, also remains largely in a tragic state of limbo.  More later.


U.S. Maintains Sanctions on Burma

One of last month’s actions was a call for the U.S. to maintain sanctions on Burma.  As noted below, the U.S. Congress passed legislation renewing the sanctions.  So, thanks to all who signed the petition, since dynamics had been leaning toward a premature easing of sanctions!
Separately, Aung Sun Sui Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize recipient who was recently freed, has come under rare criticism for not raising her voice in defense of the oppressed Muslim minority Rohingya people.  Some analysts feel that her new freedom comes with a price – whether to remain outspoken or follow a delicate balancing political act that chooses which battles to fight for in a quest for eventual political ascendency (see article).

Conflict-Free Mineral Campaign Results

This newsletter has been following the campaign that hoped to create a demand for conflict-free minerals.  The idea was similar to the campaign years ago to create a conflict-free diamond market, where the mining of diamonds in such places as Sierra Leone had helped fuel the atrocities that had taken place and which harkened back even further to the days to pressure South Africa to end apartheid. 

In this case the minerals in question are those used in the electronics industry and are primarily mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where up to four million people have died since the outbreak of war in 1998. While the war formally ended in 2003, conflict lingers.  And it is primarily in the Eastern area where the minerals are mined that their legacy helps fuel the conflict.

Thus came the desire to certify conflict-free minerals, as a means to reduce the level of conflict.  But certifying minerals as conflict-free presented many more obstacles than diamonds and their impact on the shifting conflict was even harder to connect.  Nonetheless, the following report illustrates the gains that have been made, where you can see the ranking of the big electronics players and a more detailed report.  To be clear, like the ending of apartheid, a wide variety of tools will be required to bring about change – this issue is simply being followed to see what effect it might have and also to make clear that many of our consumer items contain hidden but very tragic implications for those whom we never see, until someone starts connecting the dots.


Kenya: Secessionist Group Strengthens

Kenya has long been considered a relative bastion of stability, at least until the political turmoil of a few years ago.  Now comes a report of the group called the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC), which has existed since 1999, is now growing stronger.  Their chief claim is that they have been ignored for 50 years - since independence - and talk has recently turned to independence.  With elections in 2013 this tension if not handled well, could spark a much larger conflict.  While the group is for nonviolent means, the issue could get out of control.

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In appreciation and support,
  Rod Downing


2012 Camping/Event Calendar

September 28-30 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

September 28-30 Singles’ Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Women's Retreat Chilliwack


Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

~Albert Camus~


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