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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekly Wire for July 4, 2012

Upcoming Events at a Glance

July 8-14 Family Reunion Hills of Peace

July 14-21 Family Reunion Samish Island

July 21–28 Spectacular Graceland University

July 22-28 Camp Kluane (girls 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

July 29-Aug 4 Camp Chimacum (boys 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

August 10-12 Young Family Weekend Hills of Peace

August 5-11 Camp Kimtah (15-18 yrs) Samish Island

August 12-18 Singles’ Reunion Samish Island

Aug 31-Sept 2 Canada West Mission Conference Regina, SK

For more information on these events, scroll down or go to our website!


Women’s Retreat

New Picture




If you are a young lady entering grade 7, 8 or 9 this fall and want to spend a week making new friends, exploring God’s plan for you, and discovering YOUR “True Colors” then plan now to attend Camp Kluane! July 22-28, Samish Island . . . . it will be a week you won’t forget!



Accommodations for Mission Conference 2012

Some billeting and creative sleeping arrangements are available

Please contact Denise Esch


Buffalo Lookout 306-525-1448 Hwy 1 E Regina, SK S4N 2G6

Pretty busy so book soon

no power 24$/night

30 amp hookup 34$/night

50 amp hookup 36$/night

Dyer Straits 306-789-2404 Not as busy

no power 15$/night

15 amp 19$/night

King’s Acres 306-522-1619

no power 26.25/night

15 amp 32.55/night

Hotels - click to see online

Days Inn Regina Airport 306-584-3297 4899 Harbour Landing Drive

2 queen beds 134.99

1 king bed 149

Holiday Inn Express Downtown 306-569-4600 1907 11th Avenue

Single or Double 199.99

Travelodge 306-586-3443 4177 Albert Street

2 person 154 2 queen beds

3 person 169 2 queen beds

Regina Travel Inn 1735 Prince of Wales

125.95 per room

County Inn & Suites (306) 789-9117 3321 Eastgate Drive

$153 2 queen beds - 6 Rooms set aside for CWM

$162 1 king bed and a pullout couch in the living room (suite) 3 Rooms set aside for CWM

*Please advise Dan Esch if you would like one of the rooms set aside for CWM

*costs are per night

Register Today for CWM Conference with

or at 1-877-411-2632


‘Get God’

 For an application form and full program information, please email


Get God 1




Hills of Peace General Meeting

Our Annual General meeting will be held at Hills of Peace campgrounds July 8th 3-5pm. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! We will be electing 3 new board members and are looking for more people to let their names stand. If anybody is wanting to join the board they can reach me by phone at 587-281-6817 or email

You do not have to be in attendance at the meeting to let your name stand.

Thank-you Courtney Znak


Click here to see the new May 2012 edition of

What’s Up…In the CWM online


Printed copies of this Newsletter are in the mail and available in your home congregation.


HOP Family Reunion Schedule

July 8-14

Have you registered yet?


Click here to see our CWM Camping Guide with full descriptions of our camps, Guest Ministry, Camp Directors and Registrars.



Samish Island Reunion

July 14-21

Saturday Night Coffee House - Jam Session with ‘Washington Reunion’ Folks featuring the band ‘Webb of Life’ - all ages, bring your musical instruments!

Sunday Speaker Don Compier, Dean of Community of Christ Seminary at Graceland University

Junior Church 6-12 years - Debra Donohue

Monday Speakers Greg Goheen, CWM President and David Barth, World Accord

Junior Church - Jean Cravy, Movie and popcorn night

Tuesday  Concert on the grass, neighbors welcome – all ages

Wednesday Speaker Joey Williams, New Hymnal Project

Junior Church - Jean Cravy

Thursday Talent Show - all ages, bring your talents.

Friday Speaker Don Compier, Dean of Community of Christ Seminary at Graceland University

Junior Church - Joey Williams, New Hymnal Project and crazy dessert guy

See you there!


July 2012
Keeping the church connected

A new “Theological Foundations” series begins this month in the Herald with an article on “Non-creedal Church.” Each article will explore theological foundations based on Community of Christ vision, mission, Enduring Principles, and Basic Beliefs. The Community of Christ Statement of Sexual Ethics (; June Herald) was built on these foundations. The purpose of the draft ethics statement and these reflection articles is to encourage open and honest conversation in the church about sexual ethics.

Read the series in the Herald or sign up for the e-subscription at to have the articles, with spiritual practices and reflection questions, delivered to your e-mail. To subscribe to the Herald, visit or contact or 1-800-767-8181. In addition to study and discussion, the First Presidency invites your feedback. Send your responses to


The Mission Initiative budget for fiscal year 2013 is in the July Herald. While most denominations are experiencing a downward trend in giving, Community of Christ has seen a $1 million increase in giving since last year. Your generous giving has kept us on track to end the 2012 fiscal year on budget. That hope launches us into a new fiscal year budget, beginning July 1, with a projected 5-percent increase in tithes for a goal of $14,850,000. Our shared mission depends on our consistent generosity. When we respond to God’s grace by giving to our true capacity we make it possible to pursue Christ’s mission—our mission—all over the world! Learn about the many ways you can support mission at Thank you for your generous giving!


Priesthood and members are receiving a special invitation in the mail in the United States and Canada. It includes a DVD of Apostle Linda Booth interviewing President Steve Veazey, who outlines the five Mission Initiatives. The letter invites people to prayerfully consider their true capacity and encourages those who feel called to increase their giving to Christ’s mission locally and worldwide. A PAT (Pre-authorized Monthly Checking Account Transfer) form was enclosed for those who choose to respond in that way.

As Heritage Day (September 16) approaches, remember the many worship resources available from Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation at With stories, coloring pages, photos, and hymns, every congregation can find worship elements to enrich and enliven worship any time—especially for September 16. The foundation will also post a completed Heritage Day worship service outline on its website by August 1. Check out the materials and bookmark as a go-to site for worship planning helps!

The Australia and Canada National Conferences recommended policy changes for their nations. The First Presidency and Council of Twelve will have to approve before implementation. See recommendations from the Australia National Conference in the July Herald and at Visit (and the August Herald) to see recommendations from the Canada National Conference.


Susan D. Sloan was appointed World Church secretary by the First Presidency, effective May 21. This appointment will be presented for a sustaining vote at the 2013 World Conference. Sue has served 26 years at International Headquarters. She is a high priest and served as executive assistant to the First Presidency (1992–present), World Conference manager (1992–2010), and other administrative roles. The First Presidency is grateful for the dedicated service Andrew Shields offered as World Church secretary from 2006–2012. He accepted a new role as World Church records management specialist at International Headquarters.

World Conference resolutions must be approved by mission centers and sent to the World Church secretary by December 14, 2012. Those preparing legislation for submission are encouraged to send their drafts to the Resolutions Committee in care of the World Church secretary. The Resolutions Committee will help resolutions clearly reflect the intent of the mover in the strongest possible way. Please send resolutions to Sue Sloan by mail to International Headquarters or e-mail Sue Sloan.

A Resolutions Committee has been appointed, in accordance with WCR 1155, to help individuals prepare legislative items before submission to World Conference. The committee is advisory and optional. It is intended to ensure that legislative proposals are written understandably, not in conflict with the bylaws, implementable, and otherwise appropriate for consideration by the World Conference. The committee is able to help at any point in the legislative process, but review before consideration by the jurisdictional conference is strongly advised. Committee members include Cheryl Hipp, Karen Minton, Len Young, and Sue Sloan, chair.
Resolutions to be considered by the World Conference should address significant issues that would concern the entire church. They should propose actions that are clearly defined, capable of being readily implemented, and aligned to directly address the concerns raised. All approved resolutions must be submitted by December 14, 2012.

Anyone wishing to use the services of the committee may address an inquiry to Sue Sloan, chair, Resolutions Committee, by mail to International Headquarters or e-mail Sue Sloan.

Apostle Ron Harmon talks about the Pastors and Leaders Field Guide in a video interview with Apostle Linda Booth. See it (and the field guide) at


The Herald commentary series on signal communities continues with “Signal Communities…Pursue Peace,” by Apostle-designate Barbara Carter. To Pursue Peace on Earth, people must create pathways of peace, remove barriers that prevent wholeness, and care for one another. Get articles delivered free to your e-mail by signing up at Send your comments to, and we may print them in the magazine. To subscribe to the Herald, visit or contact or 1-800-767-8181.

Have you helped a child put together a Generosity Jar? Children who receive offering envelopes have been receiving their Generosity Jar kits in the mail. These are an excellent tool for helping kids make the connection between being disciples of Jesus and being good stewards of our resources. Jars for sharing, saving, and spending help create healthy patterns of money management that will serve children as they grow. To order a Generosity Jar for a child who does not receive offering envelopes, contact Customer and Member Services: 1-800-767-8181; They are free while supplies last. Learn more in the June Herald and at

Register now for the 19th annual Peace Colloquy. “Peacemaking: Engaging Nuclear Questions,” will be held October 26–28 at the Templein Independence, Missouri. Explore nuclear questions, complexities involved in disarmament, and our role as a peacemaking church. Programming will explore the theme from perspectives for multiple ages. Visit for details about keynote speakers, including the Community of Christ International Peace Award recipient. Register online or by calling ext. 3077.

Young adults are invited to a spirituality retreat at the Kirtland Temple and Spiritual Formation Center in Kirtland, Ohio, November 2–4. Young adults (ages 18–35) in the USA and Canada are invited to explore the theme, “Stop for Directions.” We will deepen our spiritual practices of discernment and gratitude, tour the Temple, explore the outdoors, experience intimate worship, and more. Come grow closer with young adult friends from around the church. We encourage young adult groups to come instead of hosting local fall retreats. Childcare will be provided. Visit for more information and registration.

Community of Christ Seminary will offer three graduate courses this fall. Each eight-week course will be taught totally online. RELG5011 Christian Theology and RELG5080 Mission will be offered August 27–October 19; RELG5070 History of Christian Thought II will be October 22–December 14. Courses may be taken for three semester hours of graduate credit each or 4.2 continuing education units each (CEUs). They may also be audited. Please contact Judy Luffman for more information; (816) 423-4676.

Register now for MEADS (Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies). August 6–10 courses at Community of Christ Temple in Independence, Missouri, are: Spiritual Formation with Bruce Crockett, 8:30 a.m.–noon; and Mission and Evangelism with Karin Peter, 1:30–5:00 p.m. Cost is $88 per class, or $175 for both. Take Young Adult Ministries with Erica Blevins Nye, 1:30–5:00 p.m. for $35. This course is for Temple School credit and does not go toward MEADS certification. For more information and course syllabi, visit To register contact Michelle Booth; ext. 1459.


Classes from Peacebuilding Ministries are open to all who can attend at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. The fee is $35 per class and Temple School credit is offered. To register for any of the following classes, contact facilitator Sandee Gamet at ext. 2353.

  • Interpersonal Peacebuilding: October 5–6, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
  • Listening Ear: November 2–3, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Prerequisite: Interpersonal Peacebuilding.


“Restoring Health, Hope, and Joy” is the theme of the 2012 Health and Spirituality Workshop August 24–25 at the Temple in Independence, Missouri.  For the tenth year in a row, Community of Christ Health Ministries Association has developed and sponsored a workshop designed for individuals, congregations, and professionals to explore various aspects of health and wholeness, offering new insights and skills as your congregation pursues community outreach, developing disciples to serve, ministry to the hurting, and pursuing peace on Earth. Groups of five that register by July 15 receive a discount! Visit the HMA website at for details on skill-building sessions, schedule, pricing, and registration.

When does children’s play become more than “just kids being kids”? The latest health brief from Community of Christ Health Ministries Association (HMA) addresses bullying. This topic is important as we see an increase in violence and realize the behavior begins at a young age. Learn how to recognize when a child is bullying, why it’s happening, and what you can do to help. Read and share the “Bullying” health brief in your congregation’s bulletin, in a Sunday school class, or in your newsletter. For direct access, go to the health brief page of the HMA website at You may also link your congregation’s website to HMA at Let’s get connected and work together in “promoting health with a heart!”

Please share the following information with those serving in a capacity to share information about resources and coordinate group orders through Herald House. Remind your congregation they can always shop Herald House online at

  • Christ’s Mission Is Our Mission—The First Presidency asks the church to prayerfully study this text, by Peter A. Judd, individually and in groups so we can approach Conference spiritually prepared and focused on the mission of Jesus Christ. Each of the six chapters includes study questions and reflection activities, making it ideal for adult church school classes, small group study, and personal reflection. ISBN: 9780830915194     $11.95
  • Restoration Studies Volume XIII: Theology and Culture in the Community of Christ and the Latter Day Saint Movement—This new volume is a journal of theological, religious, and cultural studies on the Community of Christ and the Latter Day Saint movement as a whole. Enjoy original articles by Gail Mengel, Dale Luffman, Robert Mesle, Steven Shield, Andrew Robinson, Richard Howard, Michele McGrath, Katherine Goheen, and David Bolton, plus retrospectives by William Russell, Barbara Lee Collins, Ruth Ann Wood, Barbara Howard, and Gwendolyn Hawks-Blue. ISBN: 9781934901830     $24.95


How does your congregation support the mission initiatives? How do you Invite People to Christ; Abolish Poverty, End Suffering; Pursue Peace on Earth; Develop Disciples to Serve; and Experience Congregations in Mission? All five are needed to be true to the whole mission of Jesus Christ. Please send photos and stories to Share good news with sisters and brothers who may read your story in the Herald and be inspired.


July 4: International Headquarters offices closed—Independence Day (USA)

August 6–10: Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies (MEADS)
August 17–19: Congregational Support Ministry Training
August 24–25: Health and Spirituality Workshop

September 2: World Hunger Emphasis
September 3: International Headquarters offices closed—Labor Day (USA)
September 10–14: Council of Twelve Apostles meet
September 10–15: Council of Presidents of Seventy meet
September 16:  Heritage Day
September 17–21: International Leadership Council
September 24–28: Leader’s Meetings
September 28–29: Order of Bishops

Daily Prayer for Peace
A brief worship service is held daily at 1:00 p.m. central time at the Temple. Join us in prayer from wherever you are. For details and the text of each day’s prayer, visit

Contribution Update



2012 Camping/Event Calendar

July 8-14 Family Reunion Hills of Peace

July 14-21 Family Reunion Samish Island

July 21–28 Spectacular Graceland University

July 22-28 Camp Kluane (girls 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

July 29-Aug 4 Camp Chimacum (boys 12-14 yrs) Samish Island

August 10-12 Young Family Weekend Hills of Peace

August 5-11 Camp Kimtah (15-18 yrs) Samish Island

August 12-18 Singles’ Reunion Samish Island

Aug 31-Sept 2 Canada West Mission Conference Regina, SK

September 28-30 Men’s Retreat Hills of Peace

September 28-30 Singles’ Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island

October 12-14 Women's Retreat Chilliwack


“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others

cannot keep it from themselves.”


~James Mathew Barrie~

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