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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly Wire for February 8, 2012

The Meadow Ridge History Project:
A Celebration of Remembrance

The Meadow Ridge congregation celebrated three of their members last Sunday with a service of celebration and remembrance.  Grace Suffern, Mary Gooden and Jean Cornish were honored for their lifetime commitments to God, the church and their church communities.


Meadow Ridge History Project 001Meadow Ridge History Project 004IMG_1550IMG_1508

IMG_1518IMG_1528Meadow Ridge History Project 002IMG_1511

Each of the 3 ladies were interviewed on camera about their lives in the church and the videos were played during the service.

If you’d like to view the interviews click on the boxes below.

Grace Suffern Flash format

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required..

Grace Suffern MP4 format

Mary Gooden Flash Format Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Mary Gooden MP4 Format

Jean Cornish Flash Format


Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Jean Cornish MP4



The CWM Fundraising initiative to raise $30,000 in three years to build three schools is getting there.  18 months after launch we are at $24,148.  We only have $5,852 yet to raise.  WAY to GO CWM!  Thanks so much.  I would like everyone to know that funds for the first two school rooms have already been sent.  We are excited about getting the project completed and the difference it  will make in the lives of the students in Honduras.  We will keep you posted.  Thank you CWM fundraisers. 

for Peace and Prosperity

David Barth, Executive Director
World Accord   1C - 185 Frobisher Dr.Waterloo, ON  N2V 2E6   CANADA


Nurturing Spirit Weekend Vancouver

“Evolution of Spirit”




Nurturing Spirit: Falling in Love with your “Divine Self”


Date changed to April 13-15, 2012



Community of Christ, 6415 Ranchview Dr. NW, Calgary

Guest Teacher/Minister: Vickie MacArthur has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for the past 15 years and sees yoga as a spiritual path healing body, mind and spirit. (

Take time out to nurture body, mind and spirit through the time‐honored practices of yoga and meditation. Learn gentle stretches and breathing practices to release tension and discomfort in the body as well as prayer and meditation to calm and focus the mind.

Fall in love with your “Divine Self” and connect to that place of peace and stillness where God lives and breathes in you. It is from this deep wellspring of stillness and joy, that we can live life more abundantly and learn to love others more deeply.

On Friday, join us from 7-9pm for Sacred Song Circle: community sound and silence. We begin on a single note and journey together through simple chants and songs, supported by resonant listening practices. No previous musical or sound experience necessary! The evening will be led by Pamela L. Alexander, Voice & Song Facilitator of Compassionate Community VOICE. Pamela enjoys a life-long participation in music and vocal play through improvised sound, original songs, spoken word & world music. In her voice facilitation work, she engages the human speaking/singing voice to offer experiences of authentic self-expression and resonant listening—practices that nourish individuals and build connected communities.

On Saturday from 9 til 4 we will enjoy a day of gentle yoga, relaxation. Healthy wholesome food will be served for lunch to nourish body and soul. Lunch will be shared silently! You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in walking meditation, making a prayer meditation bracelet from authentic crystals, or get introduced to Qigong or Reiki.

Complete the weekend by experiencing the “Divine Light Invocation”, a healing prayer and meditation for yourself and others on Sunday, from 10-12.

Registration is just $30 and is kindly required to help with planning meals and workshops. This is also a great opportunity to invite a friend. Please email Mary Jean Belrose at or call (403) 241-9616.

Bring a Yoga mat, blanket, pillow or cushion, coffee/tea mug, journal, and an open mind. (There will be a few extra yoga mats for those who do not have one. There will also be chairs available for those who are not comfortable on the floor.) If you’re either brand new to these practices or have some experience, we look forward sharing the weekend with you!!



Estate Planning Presentation


" Estate and Legacy Planning Presentation will be given at the Saskatoon Congregation, 701 First Street E., Saskatoon, March 17th 2012 from 10:00AM to Noon. How does legacy planning benefit you and others? Learn how to put together an effective estate plan and solutions to real problems. Can income be created with tax benefits and probate avoidance? There is NO Fee for the presentation and a light lunch to follow. Open to all Community of Christ members and friends of the church. Please RSVP to or toll free 1-800-884-7526 ext 5 to confirm your attendance before March 1st."

Kenneth J. McGowan, B.A., STI, MTI, PFP, FMA, CFP, CEP
Estate Planning
Community of Christ
1-800-884-7526 Toll Free United States and Canada
519-265-5349 Local

Pursue Peace On Earth


Community of Christ Canadian Peace Award!

Right-click to download [PDF 259.1Kb] a printable version and the application form

We are looking for excellent examples of local people bringing peace to neighbourhoods and their communities through celebration, reconciliation and collaboration.

Examples might be:

  • Mentoring
  • Faith-based community support
  • Volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to reducing violence in their neighbourhoods
  • An individual who has shown exceptional courage in keeping the Peace
  • Community safety / crime reduction initiative.
  • An individual working across diverse groups to bring about positive changes
  • People actively building bridges between young people, communities, generations, faiths or cultures.
  • A congregation actively involved in engaging and connecting local communities, promoting Peace and Justice, uniting others to be peacemakers for the good of all.

To put forward your nominations please complete this application form and submit to the following:

The Canadian National Conference Team
c/o Operations Manager
Tim J. Stanlick
390 Speedvale Ave E
Guelph Ontario
N1E 1N5

Rules of Eligibility

  1. Closing Date for ALL entries is March 1, 2012.
  2. Nominees may be Canadian members or friends of the Community of Christ.
  3. Additional information and supporting evidence cannot be returned.
  4. The awards will be presented during the Canadian National Conference, June 16, 2012.
  5. Self nominations will not be accepted.
  6. Only award recipients and nominators will be notified in advance.

“We are poised to restore Christ’s covenant of peace, even the Zion of our hopes. The hope of Zion will become reality when we live Christ’s peace and generously share his peace with others.”
Taken from the Community of Christ, “Mission Initiatives” brochure.


New Video from Apostle Susan Skoor!


We’re having a Canadian National Conference on June 16th 2012!

Find out about the topics that will be discussed, get the tools to help you with your decision making process and find out which satellite location is nearest you. Apostle Susan Skoor will present you with a new thought each month until the conference begins so you can make informed decisions and make your voice heard.

See Apostle Susan Skoor’s video “Prayer”


The videos are available in both .MP4 and .flv formats. You may have to wait a moment for the videos to load.

“Get in on the conversation”

Follow us on Facebook at Community of Christ – Canadian National Conference

and Twitter at cofccnc


Samish Island Kitchen Work Day




Come see the new kitchen and help get the kitchen operational for the camping season!!


You use them, you love them, now it is time to give them some TLC!! This year the e-cabins need to be deep cleaned and a few repairs done prior to the start of the camping season in March!


9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Lunch is provided

Thank you!! See you at camp in February!!

RSVP Penny, or Jen,


Youth Leadership Retreat in March

Plan Now To Attend!


“Join us at this annual training for directors, camp staff, youth leaders, Christian education teachers, and anyone who works with children and youth. To be held March 2-4, 2012 at Lewis River Campground. Featuring a variety of classes, discussions, planning, networking and fellowship. Come join the ministry! Sponsored by the GPNW Camping Team. FREE registration and accommodations – donations welcome. Watch for registration information soon.”

So, you get a free weekend at a church campgrounds as well as gain tools to help with your role in the camping program. Can’t beat that!

Let me know if you have any questions. Will get you all the registration information once it’s released!

Peace In!

Sean Langdon, Assistant Director for Youth Camping

Young Adult Ministries Specialist, GPNW Mission Center

Community of Christ, 425-293-6366

"Young adults, the church needs you. We need you now. We need you to help us become who we are all yearning to become." - President Steve Veazey, Address to the church on April 5, 2009


Click here to see the Fall 2011 publication of

"What’s Up…in the CWM” online.





February 2012
Keeping the church connected

Join in “Hearing Good News…Being Good News!” the Presidency’s Sunday, April 15 address to the worldwide church at 6:00 p.m. (CDT) during an inspirational worship at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. The event will be webcast live in English, French, and Spanish. President Steve Veazey will share testimony about the increasingly successful implementation of the mission initiatives. He will also share about the vision for church life and mission presented in Doctrine and Covenants 164 and what it truly means to be community through which Jesus Christ continues his mission in the world today. He will also share some personal perspective with nations preparing for national conferences in 2012 and 2013.

Presidents Schaal and Savage will also share “good news.” Highlights will include the Young Adult Vision Project, church growth through membership confirmations, launch of the Leaders of Congregations in Mission project, and unveiling the “look” of the hymnal that will launch in 2013. Be part of “Hearing Good News…Being Good News!”—at the Temple or at


The new Pastors and Leaders Field Guide is online at The guide is designed to help pastors and congregational leaders “live into” shared practices of Christian discipleship that create a congregational culture shaped by the mission of Jesus Christ, engage the gifts of all ages in mission, and carry out the basic elements of organization and administration required for a well-functioning congregation. Arrangements are being made with mission center presidents to provide print copies for congregational leaders who do not have adequate Internet access. As you continue grounding your leadership in a relationship with Christ, this field guide will provide practical ways to give that leadership expression through the life of the congregation.


Check out two new Jack & Jenn videos at, complete with lesson plans to use with children. In Jack and Jenn Develop Disciples to Serve, Jack and Jenn learn Jesus needs each of us to keep learning and growing so we can go into our neighborhoods and around the world to joyfully serve. In Jack and Jenn Experience Congregations in Mission, they learn the experience of church is bigger than a building. Visit the website for the entire series of videos and lessons developed to help teach the principles of A Disciple’s Generous Response and explain mission initiatives.


This month debuts a new set of resourcesto help you find up-to-date information for the Disciple's Generous Response portion of worship services for your congregation. Use the templates to help craft effective, inspiring offertories that support our mission, complete with links to tools, tips, stories, and more.


A $2,000 grant is offering relief to survivors of Typhoon Sendong in the Philippines thanks to your generous contributions to the Abolish Poverty, End Suffering mission initiative. Aid was given through the Philippine Red Cross which is providing meals and first aid in evacuation centers. Learn more at


Andrew Bolton wrote about Acts for February’s Herald commentary series on signal communities.Get the series delivered free to your e-mail by subscribing at To subscribe to the Herald, visit or contact or 1-800-767-8181.

World Hunger emphasis day will be Sunday, March 4. Please remind those planning offertory remarks to remember needs met through the Abolish Poverty, End Suffering mission initiative, which includes World Hunger ministries and grants. Information and resources including the World Hunger Ministries meditation DVD, Hunger No More packets, and World Hunger brochures are at

How does your congregation support the mission initiatives? How do you Invite People to Christ; Abolish Poverty, End Suffering; Pursue Peace on Earth; Develop Disciples to Serve; and Experience Congregations in Mission? All five are needed to be true to the whole mission of Jesus Christ. Please send photos and stories to Share good news with sisters and brothers who may read your story in the Herald and be inspired.


Join the Hymnal Team and volunteers for one or all of the Joyful Noise Workshops. The first workshop is free and will be held February 11–12 at Community of Christ Temple, Independence, Missouri. Musicians, song leaders, instrumentalists, and worship leaders will explore the diverse musical styles, languages, guitar chords, and arrangements in the new hymnal that will debut in 2013. Familiarize yourself with theological content, scripture references, musical styles, worship-planning skills, topical indexes, and more! Simultaneous sessions will be offered, tailored to the skill sets of attendees. Learn more about the February event at or contact Pam Robison:; ext. 2324.

Other workshops will be held May 5 in Greenwood Village, Colorado; June 2 in Southern California; July 21–22 in Onset, Massachusetts; and September 7–8 in Paisley, Florida. Get details on how to register for each of these events at


Community of Christ Health Ministries Association has a new health brief following completion of the first month of the new year. Some of the changes we had hoped to make may not have been accomplished. “Good Intentions and Behaviors: Bridge the Gap” provides three tips to produce results and make changes physically, spiritually, and mentally to help achieve desired goals. Go to to download the latest health brief and make copies for your congregation.


Get the 10-Minute News Report electronically. Pastors, seventy, and field specialists in Canada and the USA who currently receive this newsletter through postal mail and have an e-mail address listed in Shelby, will begin receiving it via e-mail in March. We help uphold the Sacredness of Creation by saving paper, printing, and postage. Anyone can get a free e-subscription to the 10-Minute News Report by signing up at


Register now for MEADS (Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies)! Session August 6–10, 2012 courses are: Mission and Evangelism with Karin Peter 8:30 a.m.–noon and Spiritual Formation with Bruce Crockett 1:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m. These courses are $88 per class, or $175 for both. Also offered is Young Adult Ministries with Erica Blevins-Nye 1:30–5:00 p.m. for $25. This course is for Temple School credit and does not go toward MEADS Certification. For more information and the syllabi for these courses, go to To register contact Michelle Booth:; ext. 1459.


Are you involved in, or interested in being involved, in prison ministries? A Community of Christ prison ministry group based in Kansas City, Missouri, wants to network with and assist others in prison ministry across the USA. Please send your name, address, e-mail, and the congregation you attend to If you know an incarcerated person who might want Community of Christ contact, please send their information to


February 6–10: MEADS
February 11–12: Joyful Noise Workshop—Temple
February 12: Youth Ministries Day
February 20: International Headquarters offices closed—President’s Day (USA)
February 22: Ash Wednesday

March 4: World Hunger emphasis
April 1: Palm/Passion Sunday
April 5: Maundy Thursday
April 6: Anniversary of the church’s 1830 organization and 1860 reorganization
April 6: International Headquarters offices closed—Good Friday
April 8: Easter
April 15: President’s Annual Address
April 20–22: Congregational Support Ministry Training
April 26–29: Order of Bishops

Daily Prayer for Peace
A brief worship service is held daily at 1:00 p.m. central time at the Temple. Join us in prayer from wherever you are. For details and the text of each day’s prayer, visit

Contribution Update

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