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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekly Wire for December 28,2011

Click below for a special Merry Christmas from your CWM team.

Merry Christmas from your Canada West Mission Elves!



The Fall 2011 publication of

"What’s Up…in the CWM” is online

and in the Mail!


I would encourage all of you who have access to the internet to view “What’s Up…in the CWM” online, and those of you who attend church regularly to read one of the copies and leave it or bring it back for the next person. Unless of course there is a photo of you, your child or another family member in the newsletter. Then by all means take it home and save it!


Photojournalists needed!

In January we’ll be publishing an online only edition of “What’s Up…in the CWM”. We’ll review Christmases in the CWM and we need you to volunteer to take photos of your congregation’s events. Talk to your pastor today and make sure your congregation is represented.




We’re having a Canadian National Conference on June 16th 2012!

Find out about the topics that will be discussed, get the tools to help you with your decision making process and find out which satellite location is nearest you. Apostle Susan Skoor will present you with a new thought each month until the conference begins so you can make informed decisions and make your voice heard.

See Apostle Susan Skoor’s new video ‘Facilitators’


The videos will be available in both .MP4 and .flv formats. You may have to wait a moment for the videos to load.

“Get in on the conversation”

Follow us on Facebook at Community of Christ – Canadian National Conference

and Twitter at cofccnc


Happy New Year!


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