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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekly Wire for August 10, 2011


Annual Chilliwack Corn Roast


August 21/11 at 1:00 pm

Chilliwack Community of Christ ~ 9845 Carleton Street, Chilliwack, BC

There will be a fee for the food.  Specific costs will be announced at a later date

Everyone is invited to this wonderful annual event.  Bring your lawn chairs, sunscreen, and appetite.  Invite your family and friends.

For further information contact Pastor Janine McCully @



New Address for the Mission Centre


Effective Immediately, here is the new mailing address for the Mission Centre.

Canada West Mission Centre, General Delivery, Edgerton, AB, T0B-1K0


Aid for Africa – a letter from David Barth

Dear Debra,

I don't know if you have received many calls from church members about how they might respond to the famine in Africa.  We haven't heard many requests ourselves in spite of the enormity of the problem and the vast suffering.  It does seem that there has been disaster following close on the heels of disaster for the last few years and maybe people are growing a bit numb or shell shocked. 

I wanted to let you know that World Accord does have a Canadian partner whom we trust that is working in the area. They have a similar development philosophy - meaning all relief will include elements or foundational work to ensure sustainability and not simply a short term fix to the starvation in the Horn of Africa. 

So the long and the short?  World Accord will gladly accept any and all donations intended to assist with the famine in Africa.  Please pass the word along.   Thank you so much.  Have a wonderful August.

Peace and Blessings
David Barth, Executive Director
World Accord   1C - 185 Frobisher Dr.

Waterloo, ON  N2V 2E6   CANADA




Mission Conference 2011

Are you making plans to come to Vancouver for Mission Conference 2011?  Our full schedule is here.  Please note that our activities will go into the early evening on Sunday night.  You will probably want to make your return travel plans for the holiday Monday.

Mission Conference Accommodation

Be sure to book your accommodation early for Mission Conference in Vancouver, September 2nd to 4th.  We have LOTS of FREE accommodation available!  To arrange for billeting contact Linda Phelps at 604-792-0837 or

Mission Conference Registration

Register now to or call toll free 1-877-411-2632  Remember that everyone attending must register so we can plan for meals and special events!

Mission Conference Activities




Upcoming Camps, Retreats and Reunions!

August 7-13 Camp Kimtah (15-18 yrs) Samish Island
August 14-20 Singles Reunion Samish Island

September 2-4 Canada West Mission Conference - Vancouver, BC
September 16-18 Young Adult Retreat Samish Island
September 23-25 Men's Retreat Hills of Peace
Sept 30-Oct 2 Singles Retreat Samish Island

Please remember to register today! 

For more information on these and all camps, click here to see the

 CWM Camping Guide 


Click here to see the latest issue of

“What’s Up … in the CWM” online. 

What's up May 2011 


Click here to see the Camp Kimtah flyer!

Kimtah 2010a 

On now!


New – Canada West Mission Prayer List


In August we will be starting up a Canada West Mission Prayer list which we plan to have come out the first and 15th of each month(or close to those dates). The prayer requests will stay on the list for 2 cycles or one month, please update your requests after that.  You may want to assign one person from your congregation to send these in, and of course anyone can send individual pray requests as they feel the need.   Please send your prayer requests to These prayer requests will be sent out via an email network unlike the Weekly Wire.  Please send your prayer requests to me on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of each month.

When writing a prayer request please use the following format:

John Smith – Vancouver – Broken arm

Mary Smith- Ribstone – Cancer and Stomach issues

Joe Smith – Calgary – Personal Strength and Support

There are two reasons for the simplified format, one – we anticipate a large list and two – it’s important to be mindful of the personal privacy of the person asking for prayers.   God will know what each of us needs.


Debra Donohue


August 2011
Keeping the church connected

New offering envelopes and a Contributor Guide will arrive in the mailboxes of envelope contributors in Canada and in the USA this month for use beginning in September. All ministries, personnel, and resources of the World Church now are aligned with these initiatives, keeping us focused on the whole mission of Jesus Christ. Learn more at The Contributor Guide will outline the many ways your giving can help move Christ’s mission forward.

New children’s envelopes will also include the mission initiatives and feature Jack and Jenn. Check out “The Story of Jack and Jenn” video where these young friends learn what it means to be a generous disciple. Visit to watch or download it to share.

Explore more deeply what Doctrine and Covenants 164:6a–b has to say about relationships in a Herald series. The relationship principle of justice goes beyond just causes. It takes us to the doors of people who live in the darkness of oppression, which robs them of a sense of dignity, worth, and wholeness as a creation of God. Apostle Scott Murphy writes about finding the act of justice at the heart of who Jesus is and what he is about. See the full series at Have commentary series delivered free to your e-mail, by signing up at

Nominations for the 2012 and 2013 Community of Christ International Peace Awards are being accepted by the selection committee. The peace and justice question of nuclear weapons and energy is the theme being considered for the 2012 Peace Colloquy and Community of Christ International Peace Award recipient. For 2013, the Colloquy and award will be themed around music, worship, and peace and justice, including the launch of the next Community of Christ hymnal.  

Please submit your nominations for 2012 and 2013 award candidates by November 1, 2011. Forms and selection criteria in Spanish, French, and English are linked from Please direct any questions to Brad Martell, secretary of the selection committee:; (816) 833-1000, ext. 2355; Peace and Justice Ministries, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, MO 64050 USA.
“Creating Hope, Healing Earth” is the 2011 Peace Colloquy theme, October 21–23. Come to this spirit-filled colloquy for community building, learning, and to encourage each other as we Pursue Peace on Earth by fostering the healing of all of creation. Visit to learn more and to register now.

The Community of Christ International Peace Award will be given to Terry Tempest Williams during the Colloquy’s opening worship October 21 at 7:30 p.m. central. All are invited to attend. Come to the Temple or watch the live webcast from in English, French, or Spanish.

Seasons of the Spirit is a lectionary-based curriculum for all ages aimed at supporting and furthering our biblical literacy. Newly renamed SeasonsENCORE, materials integrate education and worship and are designed for traditional and non-traditional church settings. Learn more and order today in preparation for the start of the Sunday-school year. For more information go to

Check out the SPECTACULAR photo gallery to enjoy images from the 2011 SPECTACULAR youth gathering. The event, themed “Uncharted,” shares the excitement and enthusiasm of youth gathered for worship, learning, fun, and fellowship. Visit

Watch the Canada National Conference website at for information and updates about the June 16, 2012, conference.

World Hunger emphasis day is Sunday, September 4. Please remind those planning the offertory remarks to remember the needs met through the Abolish Poverty, End Suffering mission initiative (which includes World Hunger ministries and grants) in their preparation. Information and resources including the World Hunger meditation DVD, Hunger No More packets, and World Hunger brochures are available at

It’s not too early for MEADS 2012 registration! Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies classes will be held February 6–10, 2012. Register and begin preparing for courses in Public Ministry and/or Hebrew Scriptures. For questions or to register, e-mail Michelle Booth at

Sign up for the potential spring 2012 historic sites bus tour! Due to the high level of interest in our now full October 2011 historic sites bus tour, Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation is considering an additional tour in April 2012. The 2012 tour will include all of the exciting destinations and highlights of the 2011 tour. The difference? April’s tour will include the newly blossoming flowers of spring. Tentative reservations are being taken now. If you are interested, please download a tour reservation form from the Historic Sites Foundation website at Complete and send it to: David Ettinger, Tour Director, 116 West Kanesville Blvd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503-3047.

All seats for the October tour were reserved within a few weeks. We anticipate the April tour will fill just as rapidly. Seating is limited. We encourage all interested parties to make their reservations soon. The final decision and tour dates will be announced later this summer. If you have any questions related to the tour, please contact Barbara Walden:; (440) 477-9562. 
Develop your discipleship at Community of Christ historic sites. Volunteers are needed for the 2011 fall season at historic sites in Kirtland, Ohio, and Nauvoo, Illinois. Learn and tell our sacred story, assist with spiritual formation programming in Kirtland, welcome visitors, staff the museum stores, or work on maintenance or landscaping. Housing is furnished and training is provided. Length of service is flexible. Contact Lachlan Mackay at or (217) 453-2246 for information and an application.

Piano Club is being revamped! To better align with the new hymnal that will be released at the 2013 Peace Colloquy, Piano Club is being reorganized. Current members will receive pending materials. Renewals and new memberships will not be taken until the January/February 2013 re-launch. Between now and then, watch for free samples available online as incentives to join the revamped Piano Club. For more information, contact Pam Robison at or ext. 2324.

Catch August generosity stories at PowerPoint presentations are included with each week’s story except the August 14 contribution update.

Restoration Studies invites submissions. It has been published by the church on an occasional basis since 1980. For the last three years (volumes X, XI, and XII) it has been published annually by the John Whitmer Historical Association under special arrangement with the church. This publication includes articles on theology and culture in the church and the broader Latter Day Saint movement. Although most of the articles are scholarly, research-based works, papers of a more reflective, testimonial nature are also included. Articles may be submitted to the editor (Peter Judd at by September 15, 2011, for the 2012 issue. More information about specifications (length, format, etc.) is available from the editor. Restoration Studies promotes the free expression of carefully considered points of view on matters related to Community of Christ and the broader tradition of which it is a part.

Mission-funding position filled. Terry Snapp will serve as the director of mission funding for Community of Christ for the next year, working closely with the First Presidency and Presiding Bishopric. He will serve in this role one day per week and will continue to be employed by the Hartsook Company, an international fund-raising organization. He has over 35 years of professional fund-raising experience and is passionate about the church’s mission as evidenced by his leadership as pastor of the Stone Church in Independence, Missouri.
“The Healing Power of Humor” is the latest health brief (bulletin insert) available free from Community of Christ Health Ministries Association. In Genesis, when 90 year-old Sarah became pregnant, she laughed as heaven probably chuckled too. Looking for those moments in our everyday livea changes our focus from the often negative and stressful to a positive and uplifted spirit. Read about the physical changes created by laughter, which promotes healing for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Please share this with your congregation. Go to for a listing of bulletin inserts. The 9th Annual Health & Spirituality Workshop August 19–20, 2011, will continue this discussion with the theme “Health, Holiness, and Humor.” All are welcome to attend and housing can be arranged. Go to www.HMACofChrist to register or call ext. 1418.

Looking for ways to develop the Pursue Peace on Earth mission initiative? Peacebuilding Ministries is offering two opportunities to help you deal with conflict, gain new communication skills, and learn cooperative decision-making models. Both classes will be at Community of Christ International Headquarters in Independence, Missouri. Registration fee is $25 per class.
•Interpersonal Peacebuilding—September 14 and 19, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
•Listening Ear (prerequisite: Interpersonal Peacebuilding)—October 7 and 10, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Contact Sandee Gamet at ext. 2353 or for more information.

August 1–5: MEADS (Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies)
August 19–20: Health and Spirituality Workshop
September 4: World Hunger emphasis
September 5:  International Headquarters offices closed—Labor Day (USA)
September 12–16:  Council of Twelve Apostles meet
September 18:  Heritage Day
September 19–22:  International Leadership Council

October 16: Children's Sabbath
October 21–23: Peace Colloquy

Daily Prayer for Peace—A brief worship service is held daily at 1:00 p.m. central time at the Temple. Join us in prayer from wherever you are. For details and the text of each day’s prayer, visit

World Ministries Contribution Update



Have Faith


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