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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekly Wire for February 2, 2011


Happy February!

The word February comes from the word 'februa' - which means cleansing or purification, and reflects the rituals undertaken before spring.

The Anglo Saxons called February 'Sol-monath' (cake-month), because cakes were offered to the gods during that month.

February was also known to the Saxons as 'sprout-kale' from the sprouting of cabbage or kale.

Having only 28 days in non-leap years, February was known in Welsh as 'y mis bach' - the little month.

In Shakespeare's time about 400 years ago, the second month of the year was called 'Feverell'. In Isaac Newton's time one hundred years later it had become 'Februeer'. The modern name, February, is only about a hundred years old.


Canada West Mission tax receipts have been printed and are in the mail!  If you haven’t received yours by February 15, please contact Greg Goheen at


“Arts on the Lake” at Hills of Peace!

A celebration of all fine arts May 27th to 29th

arts front

Bring your musical instruments, you voice, your talent or simply your desire to express yourself. Many different styles of fine arts will be explored and you’ll have the opportunity to attend different classes.

Sing like no one’s listening ~ Dance like no one’s watching ~ and Laugh out loud!

Check us out on facebook or to register email



Samish Island Fine Arts Retreat

2009 Fine Arts Retreat


April 29 – May 1

Check out our facebook page and register online!



March 5, 2011

     9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Reunion 2010 141

Come, bring a friend, help with our annual kitchen deep clean!

With the recent construction, we need a few more hands to make the kitchen shine!  

Your help will be so appreciated for getting the kitchen ready for the 2011 camping season!

Lunch is provided

RSVP Penny Chapman,, by March 4, 2011


Graceland Offers Church Members Big Tuition Break!


The program, which will begin in the autumn of 2011, will offer scholarships to all Community of Christ students equal to 50 percent of tuition at the Lamoni, Iowa, campus.

To learn more about the Study and Faith scholarship program, contact the Graceland University Admissions Office at or call 1-866-GRACELAND.


 High Priest – Evangelist Retreat

March 4-6th 2011 (Fri. evening to Sun. noon)

Edmonton Community of Christ

(New location) 6919 83 Street NW, Edmonton, T6C 2Y1.  780-469-7510.


Guest Minister’s: Evangelist Larry Norris & High Priest Wim Van Klinken

Joyce Cook will coordinate billeting. phone: (780) 464-0199 or email:

If requesting billeting please provide your name, the number of people needing accommodation in one place, number of beds needed, if you’ll need to be picked up at the airport, arrival times and then also departure times.

We are encouraging people coming from the same home congregation to try to coordinate travel plans so they are on the same flights if possible to minimize the number of trips to the airport for the Edmonton folks.

Billeting is available on a first call, first served basis, so please register with Joyce early.  An agenda for the weekend will be out by mid Feb. We have had many successful – Spirit filled Retreats in the past and this one will be as exciting and all will be blessed.

While this Retreat is for High Priests & Evangelists, any others are welcome to attend. As usual there is no specific fee for the weekend, but your generous financial response will help cover our costs.

Submitted by High Priest Gloria Stanton


Senior High Camp at Hills of Peace

Fall 2010 027

Mark this on your calendar! Pre-register for Senior High Camp before June 15th, 2011.

The director for this years camp will be Dan Woynarski. Senior High Camp runs July 2-8, 2011 at Hills of Peace.

We are currently looking for qualified staff to volunteer at this years camp. Please contact Dan Woynarski for information

Dan Woynarski Field Minister

(306) 352-1570 home

(306) 539-8775 cell

Write a tribute to your Favorite Campground!

  Hills of Peace” or “Samish Island”

Wouldn’t it be great to have a new ‘theme song’ for your beloved campground?

What better way to honor your favorite campground than with a song?  Write the lyrics to the piece of music we’ve attached as a tribute to either Hills of Peace or Samish Island.  You can write about one particular summer or camp, or perhaps your piece will include a memories you’ve gathered over your lifetime.

This contest will end on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.  And remember that only Brian Gibson and I will read your lyrics, and only I will know who they’ve come from…unless of course you’re the winner!  So there’s no need to feel shy about what you write.

Good Luck and I look forward to receiving your lyrics.

Here is a link to the recorded music click on “song competition band track”.

And here is how the contest will work:

All lyrics will be submitted to me and given an anonymous file number before being passed on to Brian Gibson. Brian will then choose the lyric which he feels best expresses the music.  

The winning lyric will be sung and recorded at a professional studio!  (probably not by you if that’s what you’re worried about!)

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