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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekly Wire for January 12, 2011


“A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other”.
Author Unknown

Good luck with yours!

Write a tribute to your Favorite Campground!

HillsOfPeace  Hills of Peace”

What better way to honor your favorite campground than with a song?  Write the lyrics to the piece of music we’ve attached as a tribute to either Hills of Peace or Samish Island.  You can write about one particular summer or camp, or perhaps your piece will include a memories you’ve gathered over your lifetime.

Samish Island“Samish Island”

This contest will end on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.  And remember that only Brian Gibson and I will read your lyrics, and only I will know who they’ve come from…unless of course you’re the winner!  So there’s no need to feel shy about what you write.

Good Luck and I look forward to receiving your lyrics.

Here is the sheet music:

Canada West Mission Song Contest 1




Here is a link to the recorded music click on “song competition band track”.

And here is how the contest will work:

All lyrics will be submitted to me and given an anonymous file number before it is passed on to Brian Gibson. Brian will then choose the lyric which he feels best expresses his music.  

The winning lyric will be sung and recorded at a professional studio!





Friends of Encounter,

As a rule Encounter does not pass along news items. However, because of the importance of the following, we deemed it warranted to make an exception.

Sometimes people ask, “Why doesn’t Islam speak out against terrorism?” It does. We just don’t often hear about it. Below is a press release from the Canadian Council of Imams received today. Thought you may find it interesting or helpful.

JW Windland

Encounter World Religions Centre

390 Speedvale Ave. E. Guelph, ON  N1E 1N5  519.822.0099

"All actual life is encounter."

Martin Buber

Council strongly condemns attacks on Church in Alexandria, Egypt


(Toronto, January 06, 2011) - On behalf of the Canadian Council of Imams, we would like to express our deepest shock and disgust at the Bombings of the Church in Alexandria, Egypt, on the eve of the festive season. Our sympathy goes to the families of the victims in Egypt as well as in Canada. By the present, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to the Canadian Coptic community members and assure them that the Canadian Muslims stand by their side in these difficult times. 
"It is a big shame and an intolerable madness to attack people in the middle of their highest season of worship." said Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi, the chairman of the council, "The attackers do not represent any religion or faith but only a blind hate for anyone who is different from them. They want to create fear and instability in the country. Egyptian Coptic Christians have been living in Egypt thousands of years and they should not be treated with discrimination or in any way that shakes their peace and stability or restricts their religious freedom." Imam Abdul Hai Patel, the Interfaith relations director in the council added, "It is the duty of the Egyptian Government to immediately curb the violence and bring the perpetrators of such malicious acts to justice. The council calls the Egyptian government to institute strong practical measures to protect its Christian Citizens and any other minorities in the Country."
By the same token, we also urge the Egyptian and global Islamic leadership in the World to promote tolerance and respect to our Christian and human brethren around the World and to educate and remind the masses about our relationship through our humanity and Abrahamic ties.
We the members of religious leadership of Canadian Muslims, strongly condemn these terrorist and cowardly acts, resulting in loss of many innocent lives and injuring hundreds of others. We join the international community in grieving this tragedy and strongly protest against the mistreatment of minorities anywhere in the world including in the Muslim countries. 
Contact Imams:
Dr. Hamid Slimi,Chairman
416 356 4252
Imam Abdul Hai Patel, Interfaith Relations Director

Counselors needed for Camp Kimtah at Samish Island

We’re starting to work on staff recruitment for Camp Kimtah this summer! We’re looking for Canadian male and female counselors. It will be the week of August 6th-13th. Staff gather on Saturday the 6th, campers come on Sunday the 7th, and camp ends on Saturday the 13th. We are looking for responsible adults, 23 years of age or older.

kimtah 2010d kimtah 2010e

If you're interested please contact Catherine Peter, Director, at / 253-740-9277 or Sean Langdon, Business Manager, at / 425-293-6366. Thanks!

Peace In!
Sean Langdon

Never been a camp counselor before?  All camps will be looking for counselor's soon.  Ask your Pastor to get you the Registered Youth Worker forms to fill out. 


It’s all about the kids! Camp Genesis

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