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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Wire for December 1, 2010

Have you felt it…that holiday season panic that sets in as Christmas approaches?

Take a deep breath, put both feet on the floor, take another deep breath, know you’re loved and have a great day!

Food Service Managers Opening – Samish Island Campground

   The Samish Island Campground Association Board of Directors are seeking a couple to serve as year-round Caretakers with specialty as Food Service Managers. Penny and Mark Chapman, our current Food Service Managers have decided to become our Campground Managers, leaving the position of Food Service Managers open. 

The Camp is located in the NW corner of the State of Washington, USA. The position will be open in the late first quarter of 2011. Compensation consists of a home, utilities (including Internet), meals, (when camps are in session), and some supplemental health insurance reimbursements. Personal attributes for the job are physical capabilities of both to perform job responsibilities, food service knowledge and experience, good verbal and written communication skills, computer skills, good people skills and ability to operate vehicles and light machinery are required. It is desired that one of the two have the ability to perform light carpentry, electrical and plumbing tasks. It is preferred that applicants be willing to serve for 3 to 5 years. The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday January 15,2010.

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A Job Description, a template Employment Agreement and an Application Form are available by contacting Glen Fishel, Board President, at 360 757-4559 or by email at


Peace & Justice meeting:

We watched a couple of short videos on the upcoming Amnesty International Write-For-Rights event which upholds the global Human Rights Day (December 10).  The Vancouver church will be holding its Write For Rights event on Sunday December 12.  In addition we briefly explored the current status of Sudan and Darfur. Finally, we also considered some of the varying views of the place of Islam in the world, and more generally a strategic rule of thumb for seemingly intractable problems of trying to strengthen and broaden the reasonable voices until they can hold sway.

photo 2 photo 1

Agape Annual General Meeting:

All members of Community of Christ in BC in good standing are members of the Agape Society.  We reviewed the past year of our project which deals with at-risk youth and helping them achieve independent living skills.  As such this is a preventive measure to homelessness – it keeps youth from ending up on the street in the first place.  We accomplish this by partnering with the Lower mainland Purpose Society.  Over the past few years the project has become stable and appears to be functioning well.  We may explore possibilities of expanding the program in the next year or so.


High Priest - Evangelist Retreat

Mark your calendars, Wim van Klinken and Larry Norris will be guest ministers  for the High Priest - Evangelist Retreat in Edmonton Alberta, March 4,5,6, 2011.

Fall Music Writing Contest

This contest is really exciting because absolutely anyone can enter – and I hope you all do. (Like how about this week?) 

 Reunion 2010 020 Brian Gibson, the multi talented musician, writer and mentor to so many of us, has generously donated one of his original music pieces.  All you have to do is add the lyrics. 

Here is a link to the recorded music click on “song competition band track”.

And here is how the contest will work:

All music will be submitted to me and given an anonymous file number before it is passed on to Brian Gibson. Brian will then choose the lyric which he feels best expresses his music. 

The winning lyric will be sung and recorded at a professional studio!

And don’t forget about our other contest…

Calling all musicians … do you have a knack for plunking out your own catchy tune on the piano, plucking some original sounds on the strings or working the music on any other instrument?  We’re   looking for a new music bed for  our weekly video teaser.  The music must be original, should be 45- 60 seconds in length and recorded in a professional or semi professional studio.   

Tip - Most high  schools have great studios these days.  Remember this is a backtrack so a voice must be heard over top of it. 

Have fun with it, all styles are welcome from Rock to New Age  to Jazz.

Send me your samples in MP3 format to


Free Mission Tithes Offering Envelopes for Children

kid-envelope copy  Mission Tithes are given to the church in response to the call: “Many are waiting to hear the gospel, or to be lifted up from hopelessness by the hands of loving servants. But they will be lost without the generous response of disciples who share their own money so that others may know the joys of the kingdom” (Doctrine and Covenants 162:7a adapted).

Contributions to Local and World Mission Tithes provide the money for outreaching ministries in our own congregation, mission center, and around the world. Disciples generally give Mission Tithes during worship Reunion 2008 014 services by using offering envelopes. Special children’s envelopes are available from your Congregational Financial Officer (CFO).

Notice the two sides of the envelope: My Church at Home and My Church in the World. Whether children share their money for their own congregation or the church in the world, money given through these envelopes is called Mission Tithes.


Facebook Users: Speak Up!

Our Facebook page connects you to the latest news and event listings, and puts you in touch with more than 3,800 Facebook fans from all over the world. And now there’s a new opportunity to make your voice heard.  Near the middle of each month, we’ll post a question about worship, spirituality, discipleship, programs, theology, and more. Your response is instantly shared with our Facebook fans and may be printed in the Herald “Voices” column. Facebook users can take part by clicking on the Facebook icon at Remember to become a fan of our Facebook page!



Katherine Goheen from the Vancouver, BC Congregation is featured in the November Herald.  Her article “Let Hope Overcome Anxiety, Fear” is featured on page 27!


World Church Piano Club


Our mission is to inspire and help train competent pianists so they can serve as worship leaders at the piano.  The club will provide arrangements of hymns which are playable by pianists of any age with limited piano skills.
To do these tasks we publish a four page newsletter, Piano Club Notes, every other month. Each issue of Notes focuses on a hymn. Arrangements of the hymn are provided for five different playing levels. Youth and adult members choose which levels they want to receive.


Other activities of the club include Piano Club recitals at World Conference.  Jurisdictions are encouraged to hold their own Piano Club recitals and plan other activities.

Membership is available to children and youth, adults who join as adult associates, or families.

We invite you to join us if you are a pianist of any degree of accomplishment, if you are a piano student, if you are a pastor or music director who wishes to encourage potential musicians, if you are a parent, other relative or friend of a young pianist, or if you are just interested in our goals.

For more information about the Piano Club, email Jerie Gail Ramsey.

Playing club application

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