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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Contest and CWM Mission Announcements!



veazey-steve Church President Steve Veazey will be preaching at the Vancouver congregation of the Community of Christ on August 1.  Please plan to attend church in Vancouver this weekend if you are available.  
The church will be open at 9:30 for coffee and social time.

There will be a service of meditative singing in the Taize style before the service at 10:00 in the sanctuary. Please feel welcome to come and participate by singing or by simply enjoying the music.  Communion service will start at 10:45 and a luncheon will follow immediately after the service.

President Veazey will meet with area Young Adults (approximately 18-35 years old) at 4pm in Chris Phelps home.  If you wish to attend, please email Chris Phelps at

This Summer just got better…..

Three Community of Christ Summer Contests – Three Ways to win!

Contest #1

Sign up for the CWM announcements. That’s it. Anyone who receives the CWM Announcements will be entered into a draw for a pair of Blue C of C Coffee Mugs. If you’re already on the list, you’re already entered to win!

Blue Coffee Mug Blue Coffee Mug

Contest #2

Find the hidden clues in the CWM Announcements. Each week we’ll hide a different clue in the announcements. Put the clues together to figure out the mystery phrase and submit your answer. All winning answers received by August 28th will be entered into a draw for the coveted C of C stainless steel water bottle! *** clue solving tip – the letters may or may not go together!

S V G 

Stainless Steel Water bottle

Contest #3

Re-name the CWM Announcements. We’re looking for something new, creative, fresh and exciting. Our panel of judges will select the winner. Not only will the winning submission become the new name of the CWM Announcements, but you’ll also receive the fabulous C of C Campfire blanket in its own travel case!

Campfire Blanket

Go to the website and click on the box to see the video of the Summer Contest.


Reunion’s were fantastic this year!  Here are a few snapshots.  We’d love to hear what you thought of your Reunion, so please send me, your best 2 or 3 high resolution photos and a short comment on your experience.

Hills of Peace

IMG_1359a IMG_1460 IMG_1587aIMG_1489a  IMG_1594 IMG_1692a IMG_1771a IMG_1780a IMG_1810a

Samish Island

Reunion 2010 013 Reunion 2010 014 Reunion 2010 036 Reunion 2010 038  Reunion 2010 054 Reunion 2010 060 Reunion 2010 065 Reunion 2010 066 Reunion 2010 043

Jul 21, 2010 – Click below to see a new life event

World Church Leadership Council and Standing High Council to Meet in September

The World Church Leadership Council (general officers, presidents of World Church quorums, and directors) and the Standing High Council will meet in retreat September 18–19, 2010. The retreat’s purpose is to discuss the 1982 Standing High Council statement on “Homosexuality” and the 2002 World Church Leadership Council statement on “Community, Common Consent, and Homosexuality.”

This discussion is in response to confusion in some areas about which parts of the statements are official policy and which parts describe perspectives on homosexuality when the statements were written. In response to requests for clarification, the groups will work together to provide helpful information to the church as discussions about same-gender and sexual-orientation issues continue and plans are made for national or field conferences.

The Presidency invites members and friends to remember the World Church Leadership Council and the Standing High Council in your prayers as these leadership groups discuss extremely complex issues in the church’s life.

As a reminder, all church administrative policies prohibiting priesthood from performing same-gender/sex marriages and prohibiting the ordination of non-celibate homosexual people remain in place during this time of discussion and study.


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