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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Week on your Canada West Mission Announcements for May 12, 2010

Kenneth J. McGowan, Hons.B.A., STI, MTI Pensions, PFP, FMA, CFP
Estate and Financial Planning
Community of Christ
1-800-884-7526 Toll Free United States and Canada
519-265-5349 Local                                                                                                               
Please note Ken McGowan’s new toll free number!

Camp Genesis 2-for-1 sweet deal!
Want to go to camp at a reduced rate? 2-for-1 Ministry! Bring a friend who has never been to a Community of Christ Youth Camp in the Northwest and you BOTH get to go for half price. It's that simple! Pretty sweet deal!

whole new spin Samish Island B

Theme: "The Road, The Way"
Dates: June 4th-6th, 2010
Location: Samish Island Campgrounds, Bow, WA
For Boys & Girls currently in the 2nd or 3rd grades
Fee: $80 Registration Deadline: Friday, May 21st, 2010
To Register Contact Sean Langdon, Director, at / 425-293-6366 / or message me on Facebook

What to Expect:
Campfires, Crafts, Theme Class, Participate in Skits, Great Food, Recreational Activities, Making New Friends, Worships, and most importantly.....Getting to know Jesus better!

VISION-logo-bigAll Young Adults between the ages of 18-35 are invited to attend the Vision Project Retreat at Hills of Peace Campgrounds June 11-13. Guest ministry for the event will be President Steve Veazey. Please contact Dan Woynarski to register as soon as possible. or (306) 352-1570.

Reunion 2009 017   

Two registered youth workers are urgently required to provide childcare for the Vision Project Weekend June 11-13 at Hills of Peace Campground. Please contact Dan Woynarski at (306) 352-1570.

Wallace B, Smith--President Emeritus Wallace B. Smith will be undergoing a total right knee replacement surgery on Wednesday, May 12.  Your thoughts and prayers on behalf of his surgery and recovery will be appreciated.

May 2010
Keeping the Church Connected  10Minute News Report


World Conference affirmed Doctrine and Covenants Section 164. Order a copy to add to your Doctrine and Covenants from Herald House:,, 1-800-767-8181. Read it now at

World Conference legislative actions are linked from the World Conference legislation archive at See items with amendments through links to official minutes of World Conference business sessions.

See video, photos, scripts, and more from World Conference in the Conference archives at

Did you participate in World Conference? We want your feedback! Take the online survey that is linked at the top of through June 1.

The 2010 Community of Christ International Peace Award will be presented to Greg Mortenson. He is co-founder and executive director of Central Asia Institute with the mission to "promote and support community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan." He co-authored the #1 bestseller Three Cups of Tea (2007) and authored Stones into Schools (2009). Mortenson will accept the award and share a keynote address at the Peace Colloquy, October 29 at 7:30 p.m. at the Temple in Independence, Missouri. The award ceremony will be webcast live in English, French, and Spanish. Visit for more about the award and the recipient. For more about the Peace Colloquy, visit

Join us for the marvelous adventure of "where in the world" your Mission Tithes impact lives… May’s generosity stories feature Apostle Ron Harmon’s mission field. PowerPoint presentations are included with each week’s story except May 9. To get the monthly stories, find them online at or check with your mission center financial officer.

Have a testimony to share for Daily Bread? It is time to submit material. Each day of the 2011 Daily Bread will have a theme, scripture, testimony, portion of the Daily Prayer for Peace, suggested spiritual practice for disciple formation, and closing meditation. Please send stories that are 1,200 characters with spaces or less (about 200 words) by May 31 to or mail to International Headquarters, ATTN: Daily Bread, Lu Mountenay.

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Consistently updated reunion dates are at

Please share the following information with those serving in a capacity to share information about resources and coordinate group orders through Herald House. Remind your congregation they can always shop Herald House online at

?         New DVD: "Enduring Principles." Our Enduring Principles define the essence, heart, and soul of our identity, mission, and message. This DVD includes six short English videos—We Share, We Share music video, Living Our Enduring Principles, Restless, Between You and I, Answer the Call—that explore our Enduring Principles and express the unique personality of the church throughout the world. Also on the DVD are French and Spanish versions of We Share and the We Share music video. Great for use in worship, church school, and other gatherings. $7.95

?         Community of Christ: An Illustrated History. This beautiful full-color book introduces readers to church history with a collection of photos, maps, illustrations, and more. Leap into history with this fascinating read! $19.95 97808309014906

?         Sharing in Community of Christ. This critical resource contains Community of Christ identity statements, enduring principles, basic beliefs, and many other insights on matters the church and disciples share together and with the world. $10.95 97808309014883

The following World Church minister assignments and changes have been approved by the World Church Human Resource Committee:

?         Effective March 1, 2010: Vernon Foster, Western Ohio USA Mission Center president; Craig Martens, from Western Ohio USA Mission Center president to East Central USA Mission Field support minister

?         Effective April 1: Lucinda Christian, Eastern Great Lakes USA Mission Center president; Blake Smith, from Eastern Great Lakes USA Mission Center president to East Central USA Mission Field support minister

?         Effective April 14: Stephen Hatch, from assistant to the apostle, Pacific Mission Field, and Southwest International (Mexico/USA) Mission Center president, to assistant to the apostle, North Central USA/Canada Mission Field; Terry Read, from Southern California USA Mission Center president to president of Southern California USA and Southwest International (Mexico/USA) Mission Centers; Wim van Klinken, from director of International Headquarters Services and assistant to the First Presidency, Strategic Projects, to assistant to the Council of Twelve USA Team, director of International Headquarters Services, and assistant to the First Presidency, Strategic Projects

?         Effective January 1, 2011: Gregg McDonald, from president of Northern Great Lakes (USA/Canada) and Heart of Michigan USA Mission Centers to Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center financial officer; Debora Crowley, from Southern Great Lakes International (Canada/USA) Mission Center president to Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center president; Barbara Ann Robinson, from Michigan Blue Water USA Mission Center president to Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center disciple formation minister; Diane McNeil, from campus minister and Southern Great Lakes International (Canada/USA) Mission Center missionary coordinator to Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center missionary coordinator; Jacob Blakesley, Southern Great Lakes Internatonal (Canada/USA) Mission Center church planter to church planter for Detroit Hope, Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center

Significant Drop in Contributions

The church received an estimated $695,000 in World Ministries Mission Tithes in March, 13% less than budgeted. After improved giving in January and February, this is a significant drop. Tithing income is now projected to fall short of the $9.8 million needed this year.

At the April 2010 World Conference, President Veazey spoke to the long-term decline in contributions to World Ministries Mission Tithes: "If tithing does not increase, we will have no choice but to further reduce the World Ministries budget, which will impact the number of ministerial field staff and resources for mission all over the world. … The current level of response does not reflect the magnitude of the blessings we have received through God’s grace individually and as a church." (See full statement at

Are you responding to God’s generosity by giving to your full capacity to both World and Local Ministries? Our shared mission depends on a sustained increase in tithing beginning right now.

Thank you to all who give in support of the ministries we are called to share with the world.

(Due to manual reporting by some jurisdictions, actual income may take several months to finalize. Numbers provided are estimates based on reports received.)

Upcoming Events

May 8: Phoenix, Arizona Vision Project
May 17-20: World Church Leadership Council
May 23: Pentecost/Endowment Day
May 28-30: Rocky Mountain Vision Project
May 31: International Headquarters closed—Memorial Day USA
June 5-6: World Church Finance Board
June 7-11: Seminary Focus Session
July 5: International Headquarters offices closed—Independence Day USA

Daily Prayer for Peace—A brief worship service is held daily at 1:00 p.m. central time at the Temple. Join in prayer from wherever you are. For details and the text of each day’s prayer, visit

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