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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urgent new exciting information…please read!


It was suggested to me that I change the title of the announcements because I was told “Oh, I always delete those emails!”  Hopefully that’s not the case with everyone, but I thought I’d try the ‘urgent’ heading anyway.  Hope you enjoy this weeks announcements!


Debra CWM photo

Invitations have gone out to 209 members between 18-35 years of age for the Vision Project Young Adult Retreat at Hills of Peace June 11-13 with President Veazey as Guest Minister. Please encourage participation in this wonderful opportunity to sit down with President Veazey. We also require some mature childcare workers for the event. They must be registered youth workers and able to keep up to small children whose top speed can exceed 100 km. Please contact Dan Woynarski at .

Canada West Mission urgently requires staff for the youth camps at Hills of Peace. Please contact Dan Woynarski ASAP at or (306) 352-1570. If you would like to volunteer for the Samish Island Youth Camps please contact Kathy Sharp .

 Samish Island HillsOfPeace  kids ready for camping season

“World Conference”

April 10-17, church members from around the world gathered for World Conference at the Community of Christ international headquarters in Independence, Missouri. The week was filled with worships, business sessions, spiritual practices and discernment, world village activities, and the joy of new and old friends coming together.

We Shared . . . Shalom!

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