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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CWM Announcements Feb. 7/09

New this Week

From World Church: "Discernment is a lifelong pursuit of God and God’s purpose, and a way of life for disciples of Jesus. But how do we learn to discern? Yearning for God: Discernment and Spiritual Practice, a new resource of spiritual formation activities, helps deepen our understanding of discernment and provides guidance in learning helpful spiritual practices. Use for individual practice or in small groups. Visit yearning to discern to view the entire resource and read about different spiritual practices."

An update on Haiti can be seen on the World Church website.  Watch a short video of how one person's response from the South Pacific influenced more giving. Remember your donations to oblation until Feb. 7 will be given to Haiti relief and be matched by the Canadian government.

World Conference Day of Prayer and Fasting, and Special Offering will be February 21. The worldwide church is called to pray daily for its leaders and for the World Conference. Sunday, February 21, will be a day of prayer and fasting for our worldwide membership. A special World Conference offering also will be received on that day. Only a portion of costs related to World Conference (approximately US$631,000) will be covered by registration fees. Your contribution to this special offering will help provide sisters and brothers from around the world access to the events of this important week and keep registration fees affordable. To contribute, designate World Conference on your offering envelope.

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